December 8, 2022
Stacey Snake Eyes Phantom Phlex Surfboard

All the positive and negative features of the Snake Eyes Surfboard released by Stacey

Incredible versatile piece of Stacey Snake Eyes can take you to the top of the surfing art. It will allow you to drive smoothly and make very precise turns.

The Stacey Snake Eyes surfboard will never be unsatisfactory for you and you will want to buy copies of Stacey Snake Eyes again and again.

Positive features of riding Stacey Snake Eyes Surfboard:

  • Snake eyes is completely universal and suitable for any conditions;
  • you can set the speed yourself, and surfboard will only help you balance on it. The surfboard is very responsive on the water;
  • Stacey’s  thin nose allows you to cut tides easily and naturally, and the concave back part allows for sharp maneuvers;
  • The surfboard works great as a bow thruster.

Negative traits of the Snake Eyes surfboard by Stacey:

  • Snake Eyes has a small range of volumes.

Stacey Snake Eyes Surfboard

To ride Stacey Snake Eyes equipment you will need a shore or reef with waves from waist to head. Snake eyes surfboard rides well on flat and shallow waters, but can also perform well on weak and small tides. Surfboard can also be used on the coastline.

The most suitable places for you to try Stacey Snake Eyes can be found in Bali. If you did not come to Bali for the sake of opening the chakras and not because your girlfriend liked it here, then you are almost certainly here to surf.

That’s a perfectly reasonable decision – if anything, you are in a good company of enthusiasts from all countries and all skill levels.

And whatever your own level, Bali will almost certainly provide you with tides of needs and abilities to ride at Snake Eyes Surfboard.

kuta beach and riding Stacey Snake Eyes Surfboard

Let’s start with seas for those new to surfing.

An almost universal solution for the category of surfers is Kuta Beach. Kuta is Bali’s tourist hub, not least because of the shore.

It is unlikely that you will be able to conquer the real sea on the first day with Stacey S Eyes – everyone starts their training on the foam, and Kuta beach is ideal for this. This is where Wavehouse students first step onto the surfboard by Stacey.

If you have already mastered the foam, then, having swum a little further, you will stumble upon tides which are quite feasible to a beginner, leaving both to the left and to the right.

Another important point is the relative safety of this spot – after all, here, unlike most Bali surf seashores, the bottom is sandy.

Of course, there will be a lot of other newcomers here, so you will not be shy about your first steps and may even be able to compete with someone.

To  beginners who already know how to stand on the Snake Eyes surfboard by Stacey, the Batu Bolong seashore, located in the Canggu area, north of Kuta, is suitable.

Usually the waves here are incomparably larger than in Kuta, but they have a much softer disposition and forgive newcomers many mistakes. The sea is mostly to the left, although some sections, under certain conditions, allow to go to the right.

Slightly more demanding might be the spot next to Batu Bolong, Old Men’s. Both tides are ideal for those looking to surf the discipline of longboard.

This is where Wavehouse students hone their skills after Kuta.

If the tides reach epic proportions on all fronts, feel free to go to the usually quiet and calm Jimbaran Beach on the Bukit Peninsula, and you will be happy.

All the spots for Snake Eyes surfboard by Stacey described above operate mainly during the dry season (April to October). During the rainy season (November – March), the choice of spots to beginners is not so diverse.

Most often, the spots on the Serangan Island are mentioned, where students of the Wavehouse school are most often engaged in winter.

If the tides are not too big, you can try going to Nusa Dua on the east coast of the Bukit Peninsula to try out the Snake EYes surfboard by Stacey, since this place has several shores with a variety of tides, some of which are suitable for beginners.

There are so many places to go riding at Stacey Eyes Surfboard at the level of an advanced surfer in Bali that it is a dazzling experience. Let’s go through the most famous ones.

berawa beach to use Snake Eyes

South of Batu Bolonga in the Canggu region, north of Kuta, is Berawa Beach.

It differs for the most part with a sandy bottom and waves slightly higher than in Kuta. It is possible to go both to the left and to the right.

Our Surf Camp Wavehouse is not far from Berava.

North of Batu Bolonga, also in Canggu, is the famous Echo Beach. This place will be tougher than Berava and is worth coming here if you have some surfing experience.

There is a left tide, a right sea, as well as a short and nimble beach break, which provides an opportunity to go in different directions.

Far north of Canggu and the rest, where you can go surfing, is the Balian spot.

It will delight you with a left and in some cases with a right sea of a rather impressive size, while slow enough for those who have not yet managed to achieve high skill.

In addition, it is relatively uncrowded here, because the road here takes a couple of hours.

Surf Camp Wavehouse periodically hosts daytime surf trips to Balian.

Medewi to use Snake Eyes Surfboard

Further north of Balian, you can surf at Medewi.

This spot is known for the longest tide on the island. It is rather soft and always goes to the left almost parallel to the coast. Here you can enjoy passes several hundred meters long.

The waves are not too harsh here, and the people are somewhat smaller than the average on the Balinese spots.

On not too big days, you can try surfing at a place called Balangan, also on the west coast of the Bukit Peninsula. This is a fairly long and fast left-hand wave over the reef.

Be mindful of the ebb and flow chart – it gets very shallow at times.

Uluwatu is one of the most reliable waves in Bali, operating in any swell almost every day during the dry season.

Uluwatu is a left-handed tide which strives to wrap itself up in a tube. The spot can be roughly divided into three main spots (from left to right) – Temple, Peak and Racetrack.

The main dangers that lie in wait for the surfer here are crowds of people, a reef, and an intricate path back to the shore.

To land on land, you must cross a section with a strong current and enter a cave, otherwise you will be carried over the cliff and have to row back to the lineup for a second run.

padang padang to try out Stacey Snake Eyes

If Uluwatu is the most famous Balinese spot, then the nearby Padang Padang is the most hardcore of them.

It only works in a huge swell, which turns it into a real machine for the production of relatively short (about 50 meters) but perfect pipes in a color that you will not confuse with anything.

It is better to surf here with considerable experience and even more self-confidence.

It is enough to know that the stage of the Billabong Pro championship is taking place here, which puts Padang-Padang on a par with such a famous wave as Teahupu in Tahiti.

Bingin Beach Activity Surf Beach

Not far from Padang-Padang is the Bingin spot with a left wave again.

A distinctive feature of this place is that every wave trumpets. This is good news.

The bad ones are again a reef close to the surface of the water, as well as a very small starting space.

This way all the surfers huddle together and the atmosphere gets pretty tense. Although those who really want to surf, these little things usually don’t stop.

This is the right wave, on big days the left is added to it. This is one of the most deserted lineups in Bali for several reasons.

The waves here are often covered entirely, strong currents and all kinds of marine life dominate. Oh yes, to go down to the beach, you need to overcome 700 steps.

green ball bali

The rainy season brings some serious waves to the Green Ball, in the very south of Bali.

This is a fast and strong right wave. It may seem that you can also catch something on the left side, but you are unlikely to be able to stay in the same place due to the strong current.

Green Ball is far from everything, but despite this it is quite crowded. The spot works almost all year round.

Wavehouse students come here when the rest of the spots are completely flat. In such circumstances, Green Ball becomes a fairly simple spot.

Best Surf Breaks in Canggu

You should know that the same ski area offers different opportunities almost every day.

Sometimes Uluwatu may seem like a pioneer tide, and the next day the beach in Kuta is so overdose that even seasoned adrenaline addicts are afraid to go out into the water.

In this article, we have described the main spots of Bali pi average conditions. Of course, this is not all the places where you can surf to try your new Stacey Snake Eyes.

There are a lot of such places here, and, perhaps, it is you who will open the next unoccupied tide. Look for, rejoice, soberly assess your capabilities, respect others and surf, the sport of kings.

The rainy season in Bali is traditionally considered not the best season to riding surfboard by Stacey, but if you look closely, this is actually not quite the case.

Bali surf spots are open all year round, just because they are influenced by many factors, such as, for example, the wind and the number of swells.

The quality of the tides directly depends on the direction of the wind.

If the wind blows from the ocean towards the coast (such a wind surfers call onshore), then the tides become ragged, and tend to be covered in whole sections, making long travels along the tide almost impossible.

If the wind blows from the shore into the ocean (offshore), then the shape of the tides becomes more correct, the wind seems to keep the waves from quickly closing.

rainy season in bali

Another feature of the rainy season is the fact that swells come less frequently, thus limiting the number of surf days.

Despite all this, during the rainy season, Bali’s surf spots are open all year round.

It is logical to assume that if on the west coast the westerly winds blow ashore and break waves, then on the east coast they will have a very positive effect on the quality of the tides.

Bali’s surf spots, which are open during the rainy season, are not so small, and often there is always a choice of where to go for a ride.

Let’s start in order from the very south, gradually moving east.

Surf Bali in Rainy Season

There are frequent strong currents, which strain, forcing you to constantly row to stay in the right place on the line-up.

In the mornings, before the wind picks up, you can catch great, mirror waves.Due to its location, this spot can catch various swells.

If you are a little short of the Green Bowl and turn left, the road will take you to a magnificent beach called Pandava Beach or Chimbis.

Upon reaching the end of the road, you will find yourself in the parking lot next to the surf warungs. Almost opposite them there is a channel that will take you to a surf spot with an excellent left wave.

A place for fairly experienced surfers, I have not seen beginners here. There are several peaks, you can go to the right, but the right wave is not as long as the left one.

The island has more than 40 places for surfing of all levels – from spots with a sandy bottom and gentle waves to reef breaks and point breaks.

kuta beach

The best place for a surfing debut is Kuta Beach. Waves crash near the coast – beginners don’t have to swim far, and the bottom is sandy – which is great when falling.

They say that learning to surf on the foam that forms after a wave breaks is a lot of fun, and many people get on the Snake Eyes surfboard by Stacey the first time.

You can ride in Kuta all year round, excluding the period of dirty water from December to February.

Bali has a problem of ebb and flow. During the day, there are a couple of drops in water level with a difference of 6 hours.

Each day, the beginning of the tide is shifted by an hour. This happens at different times along the entire coast of the Indian Ocean.

Batu Bolong Beach

Those who board the surfboard should immediately go to Batu Bolong Beach, where you can get the experience of riding on a low wave.

After its development, you can go to Changu Rights, here small waves form pipes.

The Padang-Padang spot is called the real Bali “pipeline” – surfing competitions are often held on this beach.

Many experienced surfers come to Bali to tame the famous Uluwatu – in August and September there is a wave of extraordinary sizes.

Indonesian instructors, bypassing the theoretical part, immediately start with practice. As a rule, their English is not very good, and their Russian vocabulary is limited by the commands “swim” and “get up”.

In Russian schools, there is a more fundamental approach. First, “schoolchildren” learn basic terms, safety issues and etiquette of riding, not only on Stacey Snake Eyes Surfboard.

Students are taught how to choose a surfboard by Stacey, ride in crowded places, behave in reverse flows, and much more.

bali surfing

The second stage is training on land and in the pool, where beginners learn to lie on the Stacey S Eyes surfboard, climb on Stacey Snake Eyes Surfboard and row effectively. And only after that you can go to the ocean.

Children are put on the Snake surfboard, as a rule, from the age of 10. The cost of education is not much less than that of adults.

Sunscreen is something you can’t do without. Exposed areas of the body from direct sun exposure are very burned. If a special cream is sold in a surf school, then it is better to choose it.

After a few lessons, you can go on a surf trip. During the rainy season, schools organize trips to Sumbawa Island, which is considered a surfer’s paradise with untouched nature and empty lineups.

In the dry season, the spot G-land awaits those wishing to ride with the breeze.

The beach of the village of Medevi has already gained worldwide fame in the surfing world – it is especially popular with the Japanese and Australians.