Simple safety rules – how not to get robbed while surfing

I had to get out of the water early during a recent surf session

Unfortunately, I lost my fin, so my session is over. The line-up was full of people, and the parking lot was overcrowded.

That’s when I saw him. He was about 40 years old, height one meter seventy, dressed like a runner, gloves on his hands. Only he was not a runner.

He was the author. Or rather, he hacked and hacked surfers’ cars. I watched him from a distance.

And when he got to my car, I was ready

When he looked into the back of my SUV and then opened the window, I walked over.

“Did you like anything?” – I asked when I approached him from behind.

He didn’t answer. And he had nowhere to run. I cornered the thief.

“Boy, I don’t want any trouble” was all he could mumble.

“I’m not going to call the police,” I said. “But I want to know how you do what you do. I don’t want to know why. I want to know-how. ”

And the conversation began. Half an hour later, he told me his secrets. He told me that he would no longer work in this place, so he agreed: “What the hell … why not?”

Here’s what thieves are looking for when they want to get into your car:

  1. Surf Stickers
It is the easiest way to determine if the car owner is most likely in the water and will not return for an extended period

SOLUTION: No need to decorate your car with logos and stickers.

  1. Secluded parking spaces

You are deciding to park under a shady tree so that different boards or your favorite drink don’t overheat?

Again, this is an easy target

Solution: Leave the car in public places. It may not be an excellent dressing-up idea, but if you don’t want to lose your change of clothes altogether, then follow this advice.

  1. Lots of gear in your car

If, in addition to your gear, there are three or four of your friends in the car – all your boards and other accessories, which are undoubtedly great for protecting the environment – your vehicle becomes a desirable option for a thief.

He can steal a few little things, and surfers won’t notice the loss and will miss it much later

The solution: Minimize, or at least better hide your gear bags in your car. Hint: you won’t fool anyone by covering everything with a bright blanket. Do not draw attention to places where something of value is stored.

  1. Convertibles
It also applies to SUVs with removable roofs

Any vehicle designed for easy access is an easy target for a thief.

Solution: Protect your vehicle. If you have an SUV with a sliding rear window, make sure it is locked. The thief told me that motorists often forget about it. He can remove something of value from the car in less than 30 seconds.

  1. Caches with a key on the car body
At the moment, this is the most common mistake made by car surfers

We leave keys under the wheels, in the bumper, and so on. And we usually do it in full view of thieves who are just waiting for the surfer to plunge into the water.

Solution: Hang the key around your neck, buy board shorts with a pocket. If you have a car with an electronic key, go to the auto repair shop and have them make you a mechanical key “only for the door,” which you can hang around your neck.

  1. Wreckers
Let’s face it; many surfers ride rusted wrecks

As a rule, such cars are quite easily stolen.

Solution: It’s time to change the car.

After our conversation, I let him go. He crossed the road, jumped into his Prius, and drove off.

Then I wrote down his license plate and called the police. They caught him within half an hour.



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