August 19, 2022

Try to Ride Equipment on Wheels as Much as Possible to Make Further Progress While on Breaks

It’s natural for surfers not to be able to ride all the time.

Various weather conditions, the distance from the ocean (if you live far from the water), the inappropriate season for the ride, or the influx of tourists who fill up the whole place can interfere with surfers.

Most often, they engage in amateur surfing on vacations when people fly to the islands to relax. This can occur from one to several times a year.

Let us agree that it is not so much to keep fit and gain experience for further rides.

The good news is that you can practice these rides at home on skateboards and similar wheel equipment that feels like surfboards.

Using our list, you can choose the right equipment on the wheels to ride that suits your level of experience and expertise.

Each piece of the wheel equipment listed by us carries characteristics that somehow correspond to certain types of equipment for the ride on the water surface.

To choose the right skateboard to ride, you need to know which equipment on the wheels is a bigger priority to you and which of the skills you want to bring to perfection by means of this wheel equipment.

skateboarder on street

According to the generally accepted version, the equipment that rides on land and has wheels originated in the 1950s on the beaches of California, so to speak, this wheel equipment came out of the sea onto land.

In anticipation of the sea rides, water professionals trained on such equipment as boards with wheels.

There is another opinion: the ancestor of rides on wheel equipment was the extreme hobby that appeared before the outbreak of World War II – rides on the wheels on roads on such equipment as boards and inboxes with wheels.

Craftsmen fastened the wheels from bearings to the board or the bottom of the box and then, with the help of hooked sticks, attached these pieces of equipment to buses or trucks and rushed along the tracks on the wheels at high speed.

This practice of rides was widely used in Europe, the USA, and the former USSR.

The name of the person who invented the improved wheel equipment for rides on land did not remain in history but he was the first to understand that to ride on a board, it is not necessary to cling to any special equipment.

And in the early 60s, several batches of equipment on the wheels from the derby group were already made.

surfers on skateboard

The main differences between rides on land and on water:

  1. The most important thing is, of course, that you can ride your wheel equipment on land anywhere, even in the city, even on the island. Other types of equipment on the water are more complicated, especially, if you live in the city but want to try these rides or have already become involved. Here begins the fuss with buying tickets, choosing destinations, and so on. Summarizing this paragraph, skateboarding is a picky sport with the minimum of equipment and waves surfing requires travel.
  2. When time is “worth its weight in gold”, it’s about rides on the sea. First, you take a lot of time waiting for the wave, finally, then it arrives, you catch it, feel a sense of euphoria for a minute, and now again, row on the line-up. The wheel rides on land are an almost endless pleasure because you do not have to wait until the asphalt spreads in front of you. You ride on the wheel equipment exactly as much as you want without forced stops.
  3. It is believed that the history of rides on the ocean dates back to the 1770s while using similar equipment on wheels to ride was invented by those who have already mastered the sea surface rides around 1950. 1950 is also considered the heyday of the popularity of wave fishing so it can be said that aqua rides are the ideological inspiration of land rides using the equipment on the wheels.
  4.  Aquatic professionals need strength, a ton of patience, maneuverability, and technicality but those who ride on wheels need only the last two qualities and a piece of special wheel equipment for their rides.


If you are new to our sport on the wheels, this article will also be useful to you.

Starting to learn how to ride the waves, experienced skateboarders, more often than others, underestimate the efforts needed to learn how to conquer the wheel equipment. Or they overestimate themselves.

However, although surfing is more difficult than they initially think, they are given a new skill easier – the experience of managing the new equipment, albeit a quite different one and doing rides on the wheels, really helps.

At the same time, in order to simplify your task a bit and prepare for surfing, you don’t have to be very inventive, just ride the skateboard and use this wheel equipment quite regularly.

How does it work? We will tell you now!

Below, we compiled our reviews on the skateboarding equipment that we took from official representatives and tested on ourselves when going on rides.

Follow our descriptions in order not to make a mistake in choosing the wheel equipment for your training rides.

Long Skateboards

The simplest equipment on the wheels in the group is the long wheel equipment for skating rides.

Long and flat, with large wheels, this equipment is designed for an imposing ride through the city jungle.

The movements and sensations when you ride on such equipment (on wheels) are exactly the same as from its water counterpart equipment meaning that they are the same for the long variant which we use when we ride on the water surface rather than on the concrete.

This type of skateboard wheel equipment has a low speed and very smooth turns that are performed with the whole body and not with the legs only.

For beginner surfers, this particular equipment on the wheels will be the best simulator of wave rides because, in the first stages, the most important thing is to catch the balance and make measured turns with a small amplitude when going on the ride.

By the way, such equipment for the ride around the city on wheels is very long, and advanced athletes who ride on the sea with the same uniforms can train on this wheel equipment: do cross-steppes and stand on the nose!


There is an opinion that, when you shift the balance to the front, the quality of your moves improves.

On this version of the equipment on the wheels, you have nothing to worry about so the wheel equipment will ride just as well as surfing equipment.

You can ride on the wheels in a standard way and not be afraid to fall.

The positioning of the legs and body on the surf version and on the skateboard equipment on the wheels is very similar which means that the same muscle stabilizers are used to maintain balance for wheel rides.

If you regularly train on a skateboard, balancing on the wheels on this equipment is not difficult. The body itself will do all the work on the skateboard when you ride.

In this sense, rides on the skateboard are very good in the intervals between rides in the ocean – the wheel equipment helps not to lose the skill.

It will be convenient for you to make such rides on the wheels around the city, in large parking lots, and in places where cars are parked.

Such rides cost around two hundred dollars. It should be noted that it is best to make such a ride on a flat surface which is convenient for the wheels.

The Carver Equipment


The next type of equipment on the wheels we highly recommend to practice your surfing skills is a carver. Its feature is that the front suspension is movable and the wheels rotate 180 ° allowing for very sharp turns.

Motions, while you go on the ride on a carver, repeat acceleration and sharp maneuvers on a shortboard: the same weight distribution of the rider and the same body movements to ride on the wheels.

The carver can generally be called a land surf on the wheels.

We recommend the wheel equipment just for those who have switched from a long to a short surfboard. At this stage, a radical change of direction and wheel equipment for rides is what you need to train hard.

Carving Truck

By the way, there is a kind of carver called a sharker. This kind of wheel equipment has one swivel wheel instead of the front suspension.

It allows you to turn on the ride even sharper than on the carver but this is somewhat worse.

Even the surfboard in this sense lags behind meaning its speed. Less stability produces more stress than on the rides on the wheels, so it is useless.

The special front suspension of such wheel equipment allows it to ride like on a surfboard. Movements become very natural and easy to learn on the wheels.

You will never get such a feeling when you ride classic long skateboards.

Even if you have never gone on rides in the tides, such equipment on the wheels will help you learn how to make short and sharp turns.

Everything in this wheel ride is like on the sea rides.

carver truck set

Types of such wheel equipment include those that repeat the shape of the fish. This variation is distinguished from other pieces of equipment on the wheels by its shortening and the need for a kick.

This will allow you to perform new maneuvers and tricks when you ride it that do not correspond to common views.

This wheel equipment is attractive because it copes well with the conditions where you need to make sharp and powerful turns on the wheels since these wheels have been created specifically for such rides.

Also, the equipment on the wheels is ideal for those who have problems with legs when they are going on rides.

So, you will keep your torso straight and not spread your legs too far.

You can do your ride on the wheels anywhere: on the road, along the promenade, and in the skatepark.

Accelerate the parts by pushing your foot off the asphalt using a pump. To do this ride, you do not need to look for an inclined road.

You can go slalom in a busy city because the front suspension makes this ride possible. With traditional long skateboards, such a wheel trick will not work.

If you can’t wait for your next ride in the ocean, want to improve your skills, work out a new aught, or are tired of the monotony of cruisers, this wheel equipment is the right choice.

The price of such a piece of equipment will be slightly higher than the previous one at about a hundred dollars.

Dancer Board

Dancer Board

This equipment on the wheels will literally make you dance. If you still cannot imagine it, then it is better to look at the available videos showing how others do it on the wheels and you will see that we are not joking.

The fact is that you may be rather surprised at the discovery of this skateboard wheel equipment.

Firstly, it seems too big to be able to, at least, make a turn on the wheels and not be killed.

You won’t believe it but with time, it becomes like a feather allowing you to make not only good and easy turns and maneuvers but also let you glide as if on a tide.

It allows us to feel the imitation of some really heavy and huge equipment for rollers with great traction when you have already caught the roll and coped with it.

And if you get a lot of wheel acceleration, you will ride on the sidewalks for a sufficiently long time.

dancing longboard

It is also incredible that during the movement on the wheels, you can move on the surface thus, training the muscles of the body and legs. And we are not talking about what balance you can achieve when you step on the waves.

The wheel equipment is ideal for controlling rides right on the move where you can make various rotations, turns, and ride not only forward but also backward.

You should take into account the fact that this equipment on the wheels may be too large for you because it is more than fifty inches long.

The wheel equipment is inconvenient in transportation and you can’t always carry it with you over long distances because of the wheels.

Also, the wheel equipment of such kind may not suit you because of the specifics of using it: yes, dancing on the piece of equipment on the wheels is fun but if you do it all the time, you may be tired of walking cross-nose from back to back because it requires you to move.

But if you do not plan to dance constantly and you have another option of wheel board equipment for relaxing rides, do not spare money and get yourself such a toy.

By the way, the wheel equipment will cost more than the rest – about four hundred dollars.

Be careful with such equipment on the wheels because it opens up completely new horizons in skateboarding.

We still can’t compare this wheel board equipment with anything else in any way because it sinks into the heart too much.

Be careful because you can go on a permanent stage using the wheels on this equipment which will not be too beneficial because you betray our favorite sport in this way.

Dervish As the Best Way of Practicing

Be careful now because we have chosen a winner. This piece of equipment on the wheels was pleasant to us more than the others.

The wheel skateboard equipment belongs to the second group which we wrote about above but is only capable of doing additional ascents and descents on the wheels. The piece of equipment is not too large in size so you can freely carry it with you.

The wheel board equipment turned out to be the most suitable also in the sense that it was effective on any surface for the wheels and in the most challenging conditions.

We tested the equipment on the wheels all over the city and even in places where you wouldn’t think of any wheel ride but it coped with it.

We recommend this equipment on the wheels since it is universal and helps you acquire a wide variety of skills, and the wheel board equipment will go for you for a hundred others.

Its cost varies around three hundred dollars but you will not regret the amount spent.


Many enthusiasts about our industry know the history of Falk and Carver – people who have managed to combine the two cultures.

Their biographies are drawn to a full-fledged Hollywood biopic.

In the mid-nineties, many equipment brands promised that using long equipment would be as floating as possible. But the suspension of shells had not changed since the 60s.

Carver managed to do what others only promised: he developed a new reversible wheel suspension that works in two planes.

Through trial and error, as well as by using prototypes from the same hill, the legendary patented C7 suspensions appeared which gave the owners of Carver wheel equipment the same floating as the feeling on the beam.

Classic Skate


Classic skateboard rides on a plane are not quite the same as a surfboard in its environment. But everything changes if you take skateboard equipment in a pool or on a ramp.

Hone movements on a concave surface, similar to a storm wall, are many times more useful than on a straight line.

And yet, as mentioned above, a ramp start from the top point simply destroys any fear of launching onto the tides.

The equipment is also used for jumping. The skills to kick the part of it and land on it can also be useful in surfing though, at a very advanced level, when the master of water flows learns to make airs.

Thus, the equipment will help improve surfing skills for those who are already good enough and need what is called “pug the limit”, that is, to expand the boundaries of the possible: start in the pipes and jump.

It is very likely that this is far from your level but who knows what will happen in the future.

classic skateboard

Skateboarding in the city has become popular because it is a great ground-based simulator for fighting with flood-tide.

It allows you to improve balance and coordination of movements, to make them smoother.

At the same time, you can train anytime, anywhere, without any reference to spots, tides, and forecasts. Only smooth and dry asphalt is needed.

The first equipment of such kind appeared in California precisely thanks to water professionals who wanted to continue training on days when there were no waves for their rides.

With such equipment, you can practice almost all the movements that are needed for your rides across the ocean.

A movable front suspension allows you to make steeper turns than on classic equipment moving along approximately the same radii as on the water ride.

That is why those who are used to catching waves prefer this type of training on land to any other ground equipment.

Skateboard HELIX

To ride such equipment on the ground, you need to move as if you ride on flushes.

The position of the legs and body is almost identical: bent knees, a turn of the body, a slightly relaxed upper shoulder girdle.

Such a piece of equipment helps to quickly work out the rack and begin to keep a good balance on the way you stand.

The keyword is ‘fast’ because the average beginner spends a few minutes in a standing position for a session so progress can drag on for months or even years.

Of course, rides on the blue give a lot of positive emotions on their own but you must admit that when you not only move but do it beautifully and stylishly when you manage to accomplish a planned maneuver, these positive emotions become a trigger of greater magnitude.

We can say that standing on the wheels on land helps not to lose skills when you are away from the ocean.

Therefore, we highly recommend that everyone who loves to fight the flush get this equipment. This is equipment that will bring both pleasure and benefit!


These ride sessions help to develop coordination which is especially important for urban residents who spend so little time on the ride.

In addition, this sport helps prevent the development of flat feet. The muscles of the foot can become weaker with age.

When you ride on such equipment, it strengthens them from all sides.

It is interesting that such boardskating rides allow a person to control the situation and this is especially important for modern people.

If for you it is also a subject of achievement, self-esteem rises. Isn’t it a big plus?


And a few more things if we still have not convinced you to practice skateboarding:

  1. Both surfing and skateboarding can teach you not to be afraid if you really want to learn it. You will want to move forward and develop your skills in spite of your fears and doubts. And even the bruises and scratches that you may periodically receive in the process will not stop you.
  2. The balance is important both for rides on the waves and if you perform such rides on the ground. Without this skill, you will not go far and make progress with any equipment.
  3. The technique of rotation is important as well. It doesn’t matter what kind of equipment you stand on – you use the body to turn, not the legs.
  4. Various elements matter. If you rewind time a bit when there was a real wheel equipment boom, it was especially popular to do skateboarding in empty pools and it was the skateboarders who first made air (fly into the air on the skateboarding equipment) and other masters simply “picked up” this trick. The same thing can be said about kickflip (rotation of the equipment with the toe away from you). Given by the history of its emergence on wheel equipment, we can say that this is just the case when “the student surpassed his teacher.”
  5. Speaking of bruises is essential too. Catching waves and doing rolls on wheels are almost equally traumatic. Those who are completely unfamiliar with water rides wonder how it is possible at all to get injured from it because it’s almost the same as getting hit by washing. But this is a profound error. Firstly, if it’s a reef bottom, you won’t be able to do rides without bruises, and secondly, even on a simple foam, you can grab that on the head with your or someone else’s equipment. You can also enjoy a wipeout or trite to make a reckless movement and catch up. When you ride the equipment on wheels, everything is clear.
  6. Last year, both disciplines became part of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.
  7. Both of them are undoubtedly a buzz and a great way to keep yourself in shape. Whether you cut through the bays or the city, the feeling of a headwind and inner freedom is simply priceless.
  8. This note is especially for beginners. It is sometimes scary to start a ride on the wheel equipment and the fear of falling during the ride often hinders movement. But after you ride on the asphalt, psychologically, falling into the bay is much easier. This is just a creek. Well, it is much easier for advanced riders who do it in a pool to make an abrupt start to the catching ride, all for the same psychological reason: dropping into the asphalt bowl or starting on the water wall are albeit very cool and trifling things.
  9. Most of the time in the ocean is taken by rowing and waiting for a blessing for the ride. The journey itself lasts seconds and you need to figure out how to resist and make a maneuver. Thus, practice time is gaining very slowly and progress is achieved at an appropriate pace. At the same time, an hour of performing a ride on land is an hour of practicing surface movements. The body remembers and at the right moment gives out the necessary movements for your ride.

skateboard boy

Skateboarding is not like surfing. In the sense that here the whole environment is static.

Nothing changes. Only we are moving on the ride.

And we can repeat the same tricks over and over again.

When you ride the waves, each wave is different, each day is different, and the conditions are constantly changing. That’s why water skiing and surfing are so difficult, and that’s why it takes so long to learn how to ride perfectly.

There are times when the stars converge and you suddenly find yourself on the best horn in your life.

On this day, everything turns out super cool and you are maximally pleased with yourself. But the next day, you go to the ocean and your body does not obey you on the ride.

The legs get in the wrong place, the hands are in a completely different place than needed… And now you think that you have forgotten how to ride.

If you don’t have the opportunity to work every day, you need a tool that will allow you to keep progress in your rides even while away from the ocean.

So don’t wait and go for new fitness equipment to always be in shape.