Surfers and Equipment Manufacturers Should Do Their Best to reduce Harmful Products and Protect the Environment

It is obvious that surfing includes the pursuit for good waves, sometimes, over very long distances. We constantly travel to get our perfect waves.

Harmful emissions and other dangerous products at this time are released into the atmosphere through the exhaust pipes of cars, aircraft, and other means of transportation that run on harmful petroleum products.

In this way, we are helping the greenhouse effect to become even more harmful and destroy our climate.

With every pursuit for your wave you do not help the planet to reduce its problem but make it still more harmful.

This problem should be recognized as harmful effects in order to understand how it can be solved.

Initially, one should consider the extent of harmful influence on nature, and then figure out how to reduce this.

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It turned out that packaging materials from industrial foam can be successfully processed, and new products can be made from the resulting product including surfboards to reduce waste.

Foam recycling solves two problems at once: on the one hand, it allows you to reduce harmful industrial waste and dangerous products and, on the other hand, at least partially, break the vicious circle of the surfing industry with its crazy volumes of harmful products manufactured for your own needs.

It will help reduce the need to make new foam and components of harmful carcinogenic materials and products.

Ride to the beaches

 Surfboard Bike Rack

Of course, the best solution would be to reduce getting to the beach in such a way that emissions of harmful gases do not get into the environment.

You can ride a bike or go on foot. This will not only save nature but also make you healthier.

Such a walk to the beach can be a great workout before entering the water to reduce the risk of trauma.

But if you still have to get to the beach by car and you cannot avoid harmful products and emissions, you can reduce their number to a minimum.

Here are some suggestions on how to reduce these products.

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Before the trip, consider how many passengers you can take with you. So you will reduce their need for transport and your soul will be a little cleaner from this than our planet.

Transport is one of the main products in the formation of the harmful greenhouse effect and thus, you will help the environment when you reduce emissions from three more cars.

In any case, try to fill your car with weight to reduce the level of resistance and fuel consumption.

You must adhere to the indicated speed since this also reduces the amount of fuel consumed.

Hard braking and an increase in speed are rather harmful when driving and also, try to reduce weight if your vehicle is overloaded.

Traveling abroad

Surf Trips

Traveling to the best surfing spots is your reward for hard work and diligence. You cannot afford to spoil your favorite pastime with guilt before the planet.

So think in advance how you will choose to act on a journey over long distances in order to reduce the number of harmful substances and products that enter the air.

Environmentalists blame the airline industry for more and more evidence of its harmful impact on climate change as it is improving too slowly.

To meet stringent environmental standards and deal with rising fuel costs, aerospace companies are striving to reduce harmful emissions and ensure a stable income.

One of the priorities for the entire industry is how to make aviation more sustainable and less harmful and to make the flights become products that are cleaner, greener, and quieter than ever before.

Tips to help yourself and nature and to reduce your personal harmful impact

Determine your destination


You will be much more pleased to ride in the green and wild places of our planet which are not crowded with tourists and polluted with the products of their activity, and where the air is much cleaner.

On some islands, you can only eat such products as fruits and live in ecological hotels because the inhabitants there do not seek to use oil products or just try hard to reduce these products.

Do not trust the developers who have built their business in the wild and are destroying nature eagerly by that.

Some of them have even cut down forests and reduced the wildlife to build their harmful complexes there. Do not get fooled by their products.

Choose your travel method wisely to reduce pollution

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The ecology of transport determines the extent of environmental impact.

Scientists are developing entire systems of conservation strategies and products to reduce harmful effects. They are trying to create promising areas of green transport.

People use water, air, road, and rail. Each of them has its own advantages, and all of them are rather harmful to the environment because of the final products of their operation.

Therefore, looking for methods to reduce the emission of harmful products is an urgent problem.

Work is underway to develop alternative modes of transportation to reduce harmful emissions. For the Earth’s ecosystem, the main danger is oil and harmful oil products.

Man, without noticing this, causes outcomes that are globally harmful to nature.

Under the influence of harmful products, the ecosystem is destroyed, species of animals and plants disappear, mutations develop and reduce their populations, etc. All this is reflected in the existence of mankind.

It is important to develop alternative types of vehicles, fuels, and other products.

So, try to choose the most eco-friendly way of transportation to get to your surfing place to reduce pollution.

Remain a smart tourist

You may not understand how you can protect the environment. This is especially true for trips to countries that do not care about nature.

Here, you can make a significant contribution to the development of the protection of green products.

Just follow our instructions below:

  • It is better to purchase food and other products in local stores and from natural resources. So, you will also save the local entrepreneurial market and reduce harmful pollution.
  • Do not leave any harmful products behind you. Everything you come with must stay with you. This applies to the proper consumption and use of products to reduce waste.
  • Pay attention to the seller. If this is a foreign investor, then most likely he will not care about people or the ecology of a tourist place. Try to keep your money for good needs and reduce thoughtless consumption.

It is far from a secret that the main wealth of a surfer – surfboards and wetsuits – is rather harmful to the environment.

The base of the surfboard is made of harmful and toxic products, most often polyurethane foam, so after its term of service, this product becomes harmful waste that cannot be disposed of: the core product of most surfboards does not undergo natural decay or decomposition.

eco surfboards

Now, there is an active discussion of some measures to reduce harmful anthropogenic effects such as the regular removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, by using high-tech products and devices, to liquefy and pump it into the waters of the oceans thereby approaching natural circulation to reduce pollution.

There are many other ways to solve the problem.

The main thing is to bring the information to the population, governments, and younger generations, and to carry out a huge, but so useful, work to clean the environment and reduce its pollution.

It is time to stop the consumer relationship and start investing time and energy in our future and the healthy life of the next generations.

It is time to give nature what we regularly take from it and reduce our negative impact on its products. \

There is no doubt that the ingenious and enterprising mankind will cope with this very difficult and responsible task to reduce the risk of ecological disaster.



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