The Need for Four Surfboards Is Explained by Different Surfing Conditions and Unexpected Circumstances


The topic of how many surfboards a surfer needs doesn’t have a solution that would give all answers.

An expert surfer who gets in the water every day obviously needs a bigger number of surfboards than a person that oars out two, three, or four times a month.

Be that as it may, for the majority of us, there is an entirely basic answer for our needs – four. We accept that a bunch of four is the perfect quantity for an average surfer and here are the reasons for this need.

Before we get into the thinking, we need to express one thing to fresher surfers.

Four Surfboards Is Sufficient

One surfboard is fine for you now. A decent funboard or longboard works superbly on the majority of the days you paddle out in.

When you’ve progressed past the tenderfoot days and begun surfing significantly more, you’ll have the option to redesign your surfboard. Everything is in its time.


Why four surfboards? Abraham Maslow put forward the maxim “When the main instrument you have is a mallet, each issue needs to take after a nail.”

What he implied by this was that in case you just have one accessible alternative, you always attempt to make it work in every circumstance for your need, regardless of whether it is the best fit or just an urgent need.

At the point when you just have one surfboard (but not three or four), you will ride it every time you need and you will get baffled. Having choices permits your explicitness which expands the enjoyment you need to have.

At the point when you ride a surfboard which is a solid match for the conditions of that day (opting for one out of four), you will feel the difference in performance.

Waves change every day, and though a few spots are more steady than others, there is constantly a component of pausing and wishing.

Provided that you have more than one accessible tool in your munition stockpile (four in our case), you have the option of playing out a more extensive scope of assignments, or in our situation, live it up surfing on more days (probably with four different weather conditions).

The Four Surfboards You Need To Have

man with surfboards

The four surfboards you need are your standard surfboard, a surfboard you need for just some small-wave days, a surfboard for greater days and a reserve copy of your standard board.

What precisely these surfboards need to be will depend on the area where you live and what you think you need from a standard surfboard and its four variants.

Your standard surfboard can be anything, whatever you prefer to ride the most. It ought to have the option to ride well 70% of the time.

Anyway, it has to be a solid match for most of the days (for instance, four in a row), and you should consider utilizing some extra surfboard instead of your standard one if you have four of them.

At the point when you invest most of your energy into riding a surfboard that is perfect for normal conditions, you will wind up making progress quicker and getting nearby spots improved.

You will need one surfboard out of four that functions admirably on fewer small-wave days. This can be a longboard, fish, half and half or whatever else you can think of (out of four) as long as it performs well in the 1-3′ area.

At the point when you attempt to use your standard surfboard on some specific days, you will need, in general, to practice some other moves which cannot be performed on an ordinary day.


You will likewise need one surfboard that excels on more specific days.

What precisely is a more specific day? Well, that depends on where you live and how confident you are on the water.

For some surfers, 40′ faces are enormous days and they have 10′ weapons or even towing on the board. For others, an 8′ day is an uncommon event.

In any case, you will presumably need a surfboard (one of four) which is not quite the same as your standard board.

It will need the extra length to let you paddle into the greater waves and the additional weight to shield you from riding superficially.

Why do you need a reserve surfboard as item four rather than only three pieces of common equipment? The reasons are dings, companions, and true serenity.

If you don’t have a reserve surfboard, you will, in the long run, become familiar with any hardships possible. Let us think about the situation when you may need this substitution.

The swell of the year is going off, you are surfing until dim, and your common surfboard gets a ding and stops performing properly.

Finally, it gets dark, and you need to stop and wait. Your companions are going to paddle out tomorrow when the swell is great, and you have two options – either to utilize your small-wave board or use your larger board that may not fit.

The surf shops are shut and, even if they weren’t, you don’t have four or five hundred dollars at the moment.


The arrangement is to have a backup surfboard out of four. It doesn’t need to be a similar board, however, it ought to be comparable.

The simplest method to have a reserve surfboard is to keep your last board which you don’t need anymore when you get another one instead of selling it.

Not exclusively will it be there in case you may need it, yet on the off chance that companions come to town, you need to have something for them to ride.

Presently, when you get a ding and the surfboard is in the shop for half a month, you won’t need to pick between two boards that probably won’t be a great match for the afternoon because you have four already.

Additionally, having a reserve board gives you genuine feelings of serenity when surfing. You’ll have the option to paddle without fear that snapping your board will mean no surfing until your next check.

You can even take your reserve surfboard with you on days when it’s finished off into shore break and continue on another day when the waves are greater.

Four Pieces of Equipment and How to Use Them


For instance, my four would be my 6’4″ surfboard, 10′ longboard, 7’4″ semi-firearm and my 6’2″ surfboard. Where I live in southern California, these four surfboards will work in 99% of what comes in my direction.

We don’t get numerous days more than 12′, so the 7’4″ semi-firearm works (one out of four) incredibly for enormous days.

In the event that you lived close to Waimea, however, 7’4″ would be unreasonably small for you. The 10′ surfboard works extraordinarily on fewer small-wave days and I happen to truly appreciate longboarding.

A few people need to remain on shorter loads up constantly so their small-wave surfboard may be a crossover board that is marginally thicker and more extensive than a standard shortboard.

In case you are basically a longboarder, you won’t need anything extra for those fewer days, however, you may need something for pitching.

So, your set of four may include your longboard, fish, pin-tail or crossbreed longboard, and, of course, a reserve longboard you may need on special occasions.

What to Tell Your Spouse/Girlfriend/Buddies/Parents

surfboards collection

So since you’re sold on having four surfboards, how would you approach persuading somebody who doesn’t surf why you need four pieces of equipment?

If you keep your four boards in the house, the inquiry will come up. (I can’t disclose to you how frequently I have heard “how many surfboards do you truly need” or “do you at any point ride all four?”).

Some individuals may even suggest you might have an addiction and need to look into a 12-stage program. Here are four to six things you can tell them.

They have worked admirably for me, so I believe they can support you as well:

  • if I played golf I would need 14 clubs, I’m sparing 60% with my four boards;
  • I know I presumably just need three, yet the shading on this one (out of four boards) helped me to remember your eyes;
  • I just have two, I’m simply holding the other two out of four for a companion;
  • if I just have one, what are visitors expected to utilize when they come into town?
  • I’m attempting to sell it on craigslist, however, the correct purchaser simply hasn’t come up yet. I’ll continue attempting;
  • I realize I can just utilize each of four in turn, however, you can also wear each pair of shoes in turn and, in some way or another, you have 50 sets, but I just have four pieces.


t us sum up. The perfect number for an average surfer is four surfboards.

You will need one standard surfboard, one board for fewer days, one surfboard for greater days and one back up of your standard board (out of four).

Depending upon where you live, the meaning of a small wave and great wave surfboard needs the variations of the equipment, however, the way of thinking is the same.

By having a wide scope of items available to you (such as four pieces), you permit yourself the chance to address each challenge in a particular and best-fit way which converts into having a ton of fun in the water on the most days of the year.



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