August 19, 2022

Channel Islands surfboard called Peregrine and where to try it

Today we will talk about a very capable board Peregrine that performs well even on small and medium tides.CHANNEL ISLANDS PEREGRINE

Positive features of Channel Peregrine:

  • Peregrine loves a powerful and fast ride on quality tides;
  • while Peregrine behaves well in milder conditions;
  • The Channel is incredibly fast due to its design.

Negative traits of Peregrine:

  • Peregrine drifts away from direction when traveling on small seas.

The best type of tide for Channel Peregrine: from the chest and above, however, rides well on shallower conditions.

The Channel Peregrine board is a beautiful new creation of the already proven shaper Dan Reynolds.

All surf lovers are looking forward to the Channel Islands new products due to the fact that he always gives us something amazing. So, the creation of his became a high-performance Channel Peregrine, which means his departure to his earlier creations.

Moreover, such a Peregrine is even more suitable for athletes of an intermediate or advanced level, since beginners may not be able to cope with the controls.

It’s a very interesting outfit from the Channel Islands that will make many look at their favorite business with different eyes.

On such equipment, it is advisable to ride on really powerful waves, which can be found on the Australian coast.

The harsh and shallow ones are the best option because you can feel the water flowing through the Channel Peregrine.

Beautiful surfing spots

channel islands peregrine

Nowadays, not only select connoisseurs are engaged in surfing.

The water sport is gaining more and more popularity among the widest range of people and is no longer just a fashionable entertainment.

This activity becomes a real lifestyle, with its own customs, traditions and acquired freedom, felt by every cell of the body.

Surfing is an adrenaline rush, the breath of the wind on your skin as you compete against the recalcitrant ocean surf.

To fully surrender to the feeling, you should visit at least one of the following islands, as if specially created by nature for surfers.

East and West Coast of Australia

channel islands peregrine

The homeland of the kangaroo, with its unique ecosystem and amazing islands, is ideal for boarding.

One of the best islands to practice this kind of water sports is the so-called “surfing coast” of Bels Beach, located near Melbourne.

Professional surfers from all over the world like to gather here, who are well aware that it is in this spot that the highest and most powerful waves are born.

The island of the east coast is 70 km long. One of the most popular is the Gold Coast Beach near Brisbane, with the best slots being Narrowneck, Main Beach, Mermaid Beach, The Spit and Palm Beach.

Good waves can be caught in March, April and the first month of winter

Australia’s west coast is world renowned for its amazing rocky landscapes and extreme waves.

Mainly thrill-seekers flock here; Red Bluff, an extremely dangerous spot for skiing, is especially popular with them.

Australian surfers are also attracted to spots such as Keira Beach, Gold Coast Coolangatta, Torquay and the Sydney neighborhood.

Exotic Hawaiian Islands

It is difficult to find another such paradise on the planet. Nestled in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, covered in pineapple fields and mango groves, Hawaii is the ideal base for sailing and surfing.

Only here you can ride surrounded by chiseled cliffs, enchanting waterfalls, green canyons and volcano craters.

In Hawaii, the waves were cut by Mark Twain and Jack London.

It was on this island that the style of clothing, loved by all surfers, appeared – a bright shirt decorated with floral patterns.

This island enjoys ideal weather all year round, and 10-meter waves can be caught in any season.

Beginners are recommended to ride on the southeast coast of Maui, the southern coast of Ohau or Waikiki – the water in these places is quite smooth and calm.

Seasoned surfers should catch the wave on the northern shore, where they can enjoy incredible sensations. These are the beaches of Haleiwa, Waimea Bay, Banzai Piplan, Sunset Beach.

Indonesia – the place where oceans meet

surfing on the islands near indonesia

Insular Indonesia is not only about unique nature and distinctive culture, it is also the best surfing spots on the planet.

In cozy bays and bays, warm ocean currents play with each other, then turning into indomitable bizarre waves.

True extreme lovers are advised to head to the west coast of Sumatra – it is there, on Lagundi Bay, that they will find ideal conditions for surfing.

One of the most extreme places is the legendary One Palm Point Beach, known for its sharp reefs and high waves.

Desperate daredevils come here from all over the world, despite the high seismic activity of the region.

It should be noted that such a risk is fully justified, because the unforgettable experience of surfing on the islands of Indonesia will remain for a lifetime.

Sunny Mexico

This distant country attracts surfers covered with snow, picturesque mountain ranges, dormant volcanic craters, ancient Indian pyramids, golden islands and fabulous hospitality.

Mexico is home to bygone civilizations and flamboyant carnivals, a country full of striking contrasts and surprising discoveries.

Travelers from other continents enjoy fun water activities on the best local sand islands.

The most famous surfer resorts are located in the west of the Pacific coast. These include a whole chain of spots that stretch from San Jose del Cabo and end with Cabo San Lucas.

The water here is usually calm, the waves are obedient and soft.

This place will appeal to beginners who are not looking for thrills, but simply want to enjoy a great vacation among the picturesque reefs.

Ireland’s rugged shores

island to surf

Every surfer who sincerely believes that real water sports should be associated with difficult trials in the midst of a raging cold element should definitely visit the “Emerald Isle” – a beautiful fairy-tale Ireland.

This destination is just beginning to gain popularity, but every year more and more tourists come here.

The most favorable place for a beginner surfer is the city of Bundoran, the best spots of which are Rossnoulag and Tullan spot.

Professionals should head to Doolin Bay between the Cliffs of Moher and the Aran Islands.