July 4, 2022

Wakesurfing: a step-by-step guide for beginners

What is wake surfing?

Wakesurfing is riding a board behind a boat by a towing vessel. First, the rider is pulled out of the water with a short rope. After that, he, standing on the board without fasteners, moves along the wave that the boat creates.
The moment of pulling the surfer out of the water

A particular boat is used for wake surfing, on which ballast is installed. It is filled with more water on the left or right side to get the left or right wave, respectively.

As a result, a V-shaped wave is created behind the tailgate. A surfer rides along with this wave.

Wakesurf boat creates a V-shaped wave

Further in the article: the skills that Artyom Khalyavin – multiple champions of Russia in wakesurf, Silver medalist of the World Wakesurf Championship – recommends for beginners to master so that wakesurfing will bring maximum pleasure.

Artyom Khalyavin

Ten steps to confident skating on a wake surf

On the land

  1. Learn to keep your balance on the balance board.

A balance board is a simulator designed to develop coordination of movements and maintain body balance on an unstable surface.

This simulator develops all muscle groups, balance, and coordination of activities, contributing to endurance development.

The balance board “pumps” the skills that are necessary for any “board” sport: surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding
  1. Squat

Do this exercise conscientiously – otherwise, knees unprepared for the load, weak and not bending, will prevent you from appreciating the whole thrill of wake surfing.

Squat! 🙂
  1. Ride a carver

Carver is a skateboard with a unique suspension, in which the front wheels turn more than a skateboard.

As a result, it feels like wake surfing, only on asphalt!

Carver is the name of the most famous manufacturer of surf skates

On the water

  1. Make sure your arms are straight and relaxed: if you pull your arms towards you (and many do this instinctively), the board will slide out from under your feet.
Correct hand position
  1. The legs should also be relaxed, but on the contrary – bent at the knees as much as possible: this “softens” the unevenness of the “water relief”; it is easier this way.
Irregularities are smoothed out
  1. When you start driving, do not rush to get up as soon as possible. At first, it is better to go squatting – and not in the direction of the boat,but perpendicular to its movement so that you do not get knocked out by foam.
  1. Having mastered “squatting,” start to get up little by little. At the same time, you need to understand that it is wrong to hold on to the halyard – the cable connecting you to the boat: you need to lean on it like on a handrail, from above, and at the same time pull your hips to it. Otherwise, it will be easy to lose your balance.
He pulls up and stands confidently
  1. The main thing: while standing on the board, be sure to transfer your weight to your toes, or at least move in the central stance, but in no case stand on your heels. Leaning on your heels, you will move away from the wave and lose it.
Even if you lose your balance, do not lose the mood to conquer the wave!
  1. When releasing the rope, remember that the forward leg is the throttle and the back leg is the brake.
  2. If you decide to learn to ride seriously, two trips a month will not be enough. The first few sessions should be carried out so that the muscles tired from the unusual load have time to rest, but do not forget the new movements and sensations. A couple of times a week is ideal, but you can do it more often if you can!
Relax time

Wakesurf school and surfing with a coach

Friends, a wake surf coach is not needed – this is not an entirely correct judgment. It would seem that special: I got up and drove off.

Well, I got a couple of extra sets. You can skate without a coach, and that’s okay. Instructors of the Moswijk extreme water entertainment club (captains and pilots of tugs) will explain the necessary basics to get up and go.

They will also be happy to prompt and point out mistakes to the best of their experience.

Aquatic Extreme Club Moswijk

But the main task of the captain is to steer the boat safely.

A wakesurf coach is always the second person on board; he is always in visual contact with the student, corrects, helps, gives lead exercises, and much more. With a coach, progress at any level is quick.

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