There Are Ten Typical Surfing Mistakes to Be Corrected Not to Lose the Quality of Your Sessions

Surfing is not an easy activity. This guidance that is focused on the 10 typical mistakes made by surfers will keep you from wasting time for further research.

As for developing surfing skills, it needs a lot of time, undistracted attention, strong responsibility, and the ability of self-assessment.

With the help of this manual presented by SurfScience.com, typical surfers will have more time for practice and improvement. By interviewing professional surfers, instructors, and other surfing specialists, 10 typical mistakes were compiled that are described below.


One of the first typical mistakes that could be made by a surfer is riding the unsuitable surfboard.

You should choose the surfboard that is perfectly fit personally for you.

The equipment may not be appropriate for your typical style even if it is the celebrity’s surfboard. At each stage of surfing practice, it should be a corresponding surfboard.

For better understanding what type of typical surfboard to choose not to make mistakes, you could use the Surfboard Match at SurfScience.com (at the following link: http://www.surfscience.com/surfboardmatch).


The second typical mistake is surfing on unfit waves. There are different kinds of waves, some are easy but others are dangerous.

Each wave should be conquered at the corresponding surfing stage.

The third surfing wrong is a disregard for conditions. By stopping before the surfing run and analyzing the main threats and specific circumstances, you could prevent some risks and improve your technique during the surfing session.

Professional surfers refer the bad pop up technique to the fourth position among mistakes. To be in a good pop up form, a lot of practice is required.

Surfers ought to pay more attention throughout training to this typical issue, especially to “the board sitting” on the waves during surfing maneuvers.


The fifth place among typical mistakes is occupied by the taking off failure at the top. Being at the wave, an ideal position for the typical take-off is behind or on the peak.

It is important for further action if you take the right position while surfing. Then, you will succeed in all maneuvers.

The sixth typical mistake is related to the lack of entire body control during actions. Proficiency level, the quality of maneuvers, the speed during the session together could be decreased by non-using the whole body throughout fulfilling the surfing moves without mistakes.

The seventh typical mistake is energy usage. Use your limited sources of energy sustainably, and it will help you reach a good performance of moves.

The main typical components of your wasting energy are hard paddling (not paddle around too much, keep your power for deep paddling) and backout paddling across the path of the least effort (follow the way that is the most convenient under those circumstances).

The last thing that could help to save energy without making this mistake is the appropriate clothing (choose the wear taking into account weather conditions).


The eighth mistake is a limited amount of training. In order to develop the skills and achieve high results, each surfer ought to make a point at practicing constantly.

Keep the strict inviolable schedule for regular training sessions.

Not requesting assistance belongs to the ninth typical mistake. Lots of failures happened due to the unwillingness to ask for guidance, hints, prompts, or recommendations.

Most surfers are afraid of looking weak and inexperienced. Assistance will help you to improve your surfing skills and avoid or overcome unfavorable conditions or mistakes as they arise during a session.

The last typical thing is not making a video of your surfing. Some typical video frames allow you to make the right image of your surfing moves and increase the level of qualification by avoiding mistakes.

There are different ways of making video reports during the surfing session from hiring a videographer to doing it by yourself.


We expect that the mentioned typical mistakes will help you to speed up the training process. Please share this information with your surf friends for the purpose of assistance in teaching.

In this guide, the most typical mistakes throughout surfing sessions are collected but there are some others. Develop the skills, improve techniques and correct your mistakes.

All your surfing questions could be responded here: team@surfscience.com.



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