July 4, 2022

How to reach high performance in surfing with the help of some tips

There are no Boundaries to Perfection!

Even mature surfers can be unsatisfied with the quality of their surfing. It may appear due to certain mistakes they don’t want to admit or don’t see.

The high performance surfing is a combination of physical stamina, good feeling of a board, knowledge of waves conditions and styles of high level of sport, of course, ability to learn and be taught.

But what does the notion of high performance surfing mean?

Mature surfers at the beach

This question is very important for understanding what you should strive for.

According to the opinion of most surf instructors, high performance is understood as a longer period of time on the wave and a bigger number of turns for that period.

Obviously, it’s not a matter of the choice of a board or paddling skills, as you can surf and quite well! The key tip lays deeper.

Three Must-dos from the Expert

So what is the solution of this problem?

The expert surf instructor with over 20 years of experience, the representative of the Australian surfing high school and the father of 12 iconic surfers Martin Dunn is always willing to share his knowledge.

Thus, he defines three most important moments every mature surfer should take into account, and all of them are connected with your much control over the situation.

martin dunn surf coach

The first tip he focuses on is high control over the peak.

The key tip here is that too advanced take-off on the wave’s shoulder doesn’t give a good feeling of the peak.

It usually results in the omission of the first turn. And that isn’t what we strive for.

And the take-off at the wave’s closure make you to miss all your possible turns. If you catch the high peak at the take-off, you will get the maximum of the wave and reach great performance.

control over the peak surfing

Secondly, you should learn to control the speed of your own, which will help you succeed with performance.

In this concern you shouldn’t rely only on your board and the strength of waves.

You should give full play to your body. If you’ve tried skating or snowboarding, you’ll understand the gist.

There’s a certain technique of throwing hands forward to booster yourself at turns to save more energy for further maneuvers. So your hand act as a steer in this case.

control the speed surfing

And the third tip is to control over the body.

First of all, it refers to the turn of the head while maneuvering.

Turning the head at the proper moment before reaching the peak allows to define your route more exactly making a bigger turning circle.

The next moment is bending the body at the finish or the most critical moments of surfing.

The chest should be on the same level with the knees to reach the perfect balance. That will allow to make a masterpiece of your take-out of the wave.

The General Rule


There’s one more tip for performance every advanced surfer should observe. And maybe, it’s the most important.

It will help you to combine the above mentioned must-dos to achieve the performance.

Don’t choose lonely spots to hide your mistakes.

Take your buddies with you to share your losses and wins with them. You may learn from each other and correct your mistakes.

Watch also other surfer and their abilities to improve your surfing skills. Moreover, visit surfing contests and championships to see the difference and do all the best, and maybe, sometimes you’ll reach their level.

Don’t forget that now you are following tips from the farther of champions and high professionals!

The Conclusion

surf girl

Taking into account all these tips will help you to stand against your minimal but important faults.

Feel your board, your body and the smell of the wind to succeed in surfing that entirely depends on you and only you!

All champions have become such due to the work they had done over themselves. Remember that!

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