Surfing camps and schools in Panama as the best place for children to become a surfer

To study surfing is very exciting action and useful experience but is rather difficult if you try to do this by your own efforts.

Surfing camps are the places where you can absorb the experience of surfriding professionals and see with your own eyes how the masters do it.

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If this is something you want and need or you have ever dreamed about below information will be useful for you.

Surf School in Panama

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The school is settled at Playa El Palmar, which is on the Pacific Ocean side.

El Palmar it is a  surfriding community (school)  located within 1 hour and 30 minutes far from city of Panama and  a few minutes away only from the town of San Carlos and Coronado.

This school offers lessons starting from four years old and up. This school aiming on beginners and first level surfers.

This beach is as if specially prepared by nature itself for beginner surfers – a good wave size, a constant opportunity to surf all year round.

Growing your surfriding experience gives you possibility to move to other beaches: Playa Teta, Serena, Venao and Malibu.

Surf Lessons for children

The best seasons for beginners are from March to November.

The minimum recommended by School package completely sufficient for beginners to learn and recognize the basic tools and basic surfing techniques is $140. It is called Surfing Lesson Package.

Surfing lessons price is $40 per person – one instructor on two students for two hours includes surfboard, T-shirt, drinks and use of facilities.

School also organize  trips for surf riding within Panama for 3, 5 days or 1 week. Price depends on group’s size, location and accommodation conditions.


There is a big variety of accommodations in El Palmar area – beach front houses, hostels or hotels.

Panama is the country where you can enjoy a little of everything.

Panama city is pleased to meet tourist with restaurants and bars within driving distance. But if you want to feel more local spirit of Panama you should visit internal provinces with simple living which are only a three hour drive away.

You can meet small crowds in most surfriding places.


Contact details about the school are the following:

  • Location: Calle 4ta Sur.El Palmar, San Carlos, Panama
  • Website of the school: www.panamasurfschool.com
  • Email: panamasurfschool@gmail.com
  • Telephone Number: (507) 6673-0820

Surfing School in Panama guarantees a safety and very enthralling adventure, understanding of surfing and love to it, very tired at the end of every day, friendly attitude and spirit of surfing from our instructors, cultivating of patience and perseverance.



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