Mauritius: the fantastic island of surfing

Mauritius is an island located in the Indian Ocean to the east of Madagascar. Despite the volcanic nature, now it is a plateau, there are no active volcanoes here.

Surf tours to Mauritius and their features

The entire coast of Mauritius is about 350 km of beaches with golden and white sand. In the central part of the island, there are reserves inhabited by exotic animals, tropical forests, tea plantations, waterfalls, and various attractions.

In terms of surfing, Mauritius is interesting for both beginners and those who are already confidently standing on the board. The bottom on the beaches is different, there are reef and sand spots, so the waves can be found both sharp and gentle. You can learn to surf in bays that are protected from the winds.

Most of the waves on the island are left, but you can also find right ones if you wish.

The advantages of local surfing are a small loading of spots in comparison with Hawaii, Bali and other popular places. The locals are very welcoming to visitors. Surfing on the island became especially popular after the release of the film “Forgotten island of Santosha”, which was partially filmed in Tamarin Bay. It is interesting that Mauritius was chosen not only by surfers, but also by fans of kite and windsurfers. Local spots are suitable for all these destinations.

A trip to Mauritius always leaves a lot of impressions. This is due to the variety of waves, spots, and picturesque nature. The cleanest and absolutely transparent water, developed infrastructure, pleasant climate serve as bonuses.

Surf schools in Mauritius

There are many camps on the island, each surf school offers something different. Therefore, it is possible to choose an option that suits in all respects. When going on a surf trip to Mauritius, it is worth remembering: schools do not focus on a single spot. This is due to the small area of the island, because any part of the coast can be reached in a maximum of an hour. But surfers making such a tour for the first time should use the services of special guides who will tell you about the waves at different spots, bottom features and currents.

Among the most popular surf schools:

Pryde Club – has its own boats for transfers to spots, offers different types of boards, including training ones. Lessons are taught by experienced instructors and titled athletes, including those from Russia. You can use equipment rental, order an individual lesson;

Ion Club Le Morne – the school has two branches, both are located at hotels where accommodation is offered. Training is organized for surfers of any level, rental and instructor support are available. For surfers who speak German, English or French;

Kyte Break;

Wind Club is a surf school in Mauritius located in Le Morne with accommodation in local hotels. There is a Russian-speaking instructor and various accommodation options;

Yummy-Yummy Surf Camp is an interesting offer from a Russian surf school. Surf tour combines not only boarding on the waves, but also parties, excursions and other entertainment.

You can choose a surfer in Mauritius for every taste. The cost of the trip will depend on the timing, accommodation conditions, as well as the professional level of the instructors.

In some cases, you will have to pay extra for trips to spots that can only be reached by water.

Spots in Mauritius

In the southern part of the island there are several popular spots:

Small Reef – the left wave is short here, and the right wave is long. The spot is suitable for children and beginners. But even continuing surfers often ride local waves;

Manava is the farthest left wave from the coast of Le Morne. Slow enough, in a small swell suitable for beginners;
Patin Rouge – you can ride only in high or medium water, the rest of the time the coral bottom is quite dangerous. Spot for advanced surfers;

Shamo Reef is a fairly fast right wave, uneven bottom. When the tide is strong, you can not ride;

One Eye is one of the most popular surf spots for short boarding and confident riding. Only for experienced surfers.

There are three most significant spots in Tamarin Lagoon:

The main peak is considered one of the best in the world, but mostly locals ride it.

“Beach Break” is a sandy bottom and small waves suitable for children and beginners.

For more experienced athletes, Black Rocks with a long wave of medium speed is suitable.
It is easy to find a camp or a surf school in Tamarin, many experienced instructors work here and there are equipment rentals.

South of Tamarin lies the Le Morne peninsula. The waves here are formed due to the undercurrent and reefs, they are quite dangerous. Therefore, both local spots are closed for surfers, not a single camp is open here and no boards are rented out.

No less difficult spot is La Gallette. It is not suitable for beginners, but it will certainly be interesting for professionals. Nearby there are competitions of surfing schools of Mauritius, in which everyone can participate.

Between Mauritius and Madagascar is the island of Rodrigues. There are few tourists here, and surfing is complicated by coral reefs. But there are several spots on the southwestern side, although they are located at a considerable distance from the coast. Surfers are brought there by employees of local camps, along the coast you can find spots for beginners.

Surf season in Mauritius

Due to the temperature regime, which practically does not change throughout the year, the surfing season on the island could last all year.

But there is one caveat: hurricanes often occur in February and March.

It is better to plan a surf trip for May-October, when the air and water temperatures are most favorable for skiing. In July-October, short wetsuits may be needed.

Surf tours to Mauritius have certain features, but with the right choice of place, time and school, the trip will leave only positive impressions.

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