July 4, 2022

There Are Two Basic Positions of the Surfboard Foot Point That You Need to Consider Choosing a Board

Which Foot Do You Find Better For Your Surfing?

Surfboard foot point

How you like to surf — on the front foot or on the back foot — is a deciding aspect to think about when choosing a custom surfboard.

By doing so, you will have in mind how you can surf by putting your right or left foot forward.

In addition, it will be easier for the shaper to understand which foil fits you best in your next surfboard.

People surely argue about which way of surfing is better. We will give you all the details you should know about it front or back foot surfing.

surfer foot point

The point is probably not if you surf with your front foot or your back foot. The most important here is how you would like to surf.

In case you want to fiercely dash into the lip of the wave, with more power applied to the fin points so that they go out from the back, and also with more splash, you should get yourself a surfboard that is shaped in such a way that it can fit upright surfing with your back foot.

On the other hand, if you want to make long lines and softer curves at the lip of the wave, you’d better get a surfboard for your front foot.

But if you cannot decide which surfboard to take, your shaper can help you get a surfboard with the performance characteristics of the two-foot positions at the same time.

foot point on surfboard

When it comes to this point, the principle is the same as with styling features of the surfboard. What you prefer and feel is a deciding point.

You should take into account the positioning of the wide point of the surfboard. Wide points in the front part normally contribute to rail turning, protrusion, and trim.

In this case, the biggest part of the weight should be on the front foot. This suits front-foot surfers more.

With wide points in the rear part, on the other hand, it is vice versa — more weight is on the back foot point. This will add to sharper turning, stronger back rushes, and fierce top turning.

Such a kind of wide point usually fits back-foot surfers to a greater extent.

Some people believe that your surfing style is influenced by instrumentation. You should pay your attention to the flatter point which is the quickest part of the surfboard.

If it is positioned nearer to the rear part, the surfer certainly puts his weight onto this point in order to boost drive and speed and get better handling ability.

With the flat point being under the front foot, it consequently draws his attention and weight ahead. The surfer may have other preferences but it happens on a gut level that the way he is surfing is influenced by the type of surfboard.

This is still a subject for discussion but there are people who have their opinion on this matter.

surfing foot position

John Keyes from Encinitas Surfboards considers himself a front-foot surfer.

In this case, the biggest part of the load rests on the front foot point when surfing.

The surfboard should be wider ahead. Otherwise, it will not provide you with the greatest results.

Moreover, such a surfboard can become stuck when curving. A person who controls a surfboard with his or her back foot can do greater with a narrow point.

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