Some advices from Mason Moore to get an improvement in professional surf-riding

Advancing your surf-riding skills from the medium to the professional rate is a challenging task for anyone in surf-riding.

Though we may watch top-class professionals and try to review their stunts, it’s still more fundamental to see the elementary errors in your own performance.

Rectifying your errors is the next stage of the improvement process.

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We have drawn up a list of 4 widespread missteps of the medium level surf-riders and tried to find a way to correct those deficiencies.

Reaching the Wave Top

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As explained by Mason Moore, who trained 13 of the top-class surf-riders in the male and female international contests, the commonest error of medium level people in surf-riding is the wrong approach to the wave’s top.

Starting off too much beforehand will cause a faulty initial turning move. Starting off far too late you risk losing the initial turning move utterly and completely.

However, according to Moore, this situation is fixable.

“When starting off, surf-riders have to be on the top or at the rear of the wave top,” Moore notes.

“This will lead to an efficient initial turning, providing the opportunity for an excellent slide. Starting off out of position or at a bad timing may deprive you of the pleasure.”

Give a Boost

improvement by giving a boost

One more popular fault may occur if a professional in surf-riding doesn’t apply his personal bodily strength to give a boost.

Alternatively, he banks more on the force of the wave to accelerate and make a compound maneuver. Still, this fault can also be remediated.

“Teaching yourself to use hands effectively is an essential and very important ability that a lot of surf-riders have a hard time doing,” says Mason.

“It reminds of long-jumping. Helping with your hands you will jump further.”

“The same rule obtains regarding surfing. When you direct your hands toward the desired course of the board’s moving, then you will speed up at a far quicker rate.”

Twist Round Your Head

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The majority of medium level riders get tripped up forgetting to twist round their heads during certain moves and it sometimes can stop getting an improvement.

When you twist round your head, it sets the pace to perform a trick.

“Twisting round your head prior to reaching the wave’s peak, makes it possible to twirl your upperparts, and then your upper legs, and eventually all the twisting transfers to your surfboard,” comments Mason.

He continues explaining that when you do not do it, you somehow are still capable to twirl your upperparts, but your upper legs are stiff.

As a consequence, the energy from your upperparts can not reach the surfboard as it does not go through the upper legs.

Keep in mind: head, upperparts, upper legs, and surfboard.

Giving a Tilt

Teenage professional in surf-riding

In addition, Moore notes that a lot of medium-level surf-riders hold their backs just too straight doing some resultant or compound moves.

These movements mostly happen during the more difficult part that’s why the riders may get pulled away.

The advice is to find the right central standing on your surfboard, then bend your body and legs.

Moore trains his athletes to practice the “body leaning upon the forefoot posture” to master the perfect steady-state and gravitational point, and, of course, get an improvement.

Such training encourages the surf-riding professionals to execute complicated moves with certainty and a good balancing state, ensuring an exciting surf session and plenty of enjoyment. And, most of all, obtain a great improvement in your career or just hobby.



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