Speed when the surfer is moving with his back to the wave

Rate ​​on a Backside Wave – set the pace when the surfer moves with his back to the lock

Gaining speed with your back to the wave is a little more complex than facing it, but the principle remains the same.

The main thing is not to forget that you should move high along the wave.

Swim to the backside wave and get on the board to get started. Try to steer your board at an angle to the face of the lock and get to your feet as quickly as possible.

Then immediately press on the heel edge and guide the board towards the ridge. The trailing foot should be more forward than when turning.
Thanks to this, you will be able to gain more speed

Use your lead foot to guide the board up the wave. The first mini-pump is the most important since it is the impetus for further acceleration.

When you reach the top of the wave, you can start a complete pump. To do this, lightly press down on the toe edge and bend your knees.

Next, slide down to the middle of the wave and try to reach the highest possible speed. Watch the wave over your leading shoulder.

Try to shift the center of gravity down. It helps to gain momentum

When you get to the middle of the wave, head back to the top. To do this, press lightly on the board’s nose with your front foot and indicate the direction of travel.

Then press firmly with your trailing foot on the tail of the board while lifting your front leg.

Your torso will tilt back, so try to maintain balance with your arms – keep them extended in front of your chest.

Watch the wave and where you slide. Try to get as high as possible, then rush down again and gain even greater speed.

After several such accelerations, it is time to use the gained momentum correctly. Finally, you can look for a suitable section of the wave to perform the trick.

After a few workouts, this movement becomes almost natural. Then, the gained speed can be spent on more spectacular stunts.

So follow the example of Taj Burrows


  1. Get to your feet as quickly as possible and climb up the wave by pushing on the heel edge.
  2. Bend your knees and move your center of gravity towards the front of the board.
  3. When sliding down, press down on the board with your dominant foot and vice versa.
  4.  Always watch the wave.


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