How to Learn to Swim on Kneeboarding – Step by Step Technique

Kneeboarding is an exciting water sport that combines the thrill of surfing with the agility of water skiing. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced water sports enthusiast, kneeboarding offers a unique and exhilarating experience on the waves.

By mastering the art of kneeboarding, you can carve through the water, catch waves, and perform impressive maneuvers. This guide will take you through the essential steps, techniques, and safety considerations to help you get started and make the most of your kneeboarding adventures.

Basic principles

Kneeboarding is a thrilling water sport combining surfing and water skiing elements. If you’re interested in kneeboarding, here are some basic steps to get started:


    • Kneeboard: Obtain a kneeboard specifically designed for kneeboarding. These boards are typically smaller than traditional surfboards, with padded areas for your knees and a strap to secure your legs.
    • Fins: Some kneeboards come with fins attached; if not, you may need to purchase and attach fins to the bottom of your board.
    • Life jacket: Always wear a properly fitted life jacket for safety.

Choose the right location:

    • Find a suitable location with calm, flat water. Lakes, bays, or protected areas with minimal waves are ideal for beginners.
    • Ensure the water is deep enough to avoid potential hazards below the surface.

Body positioning:

    • Start by sitting on the kneeboard with your knees toward the rear, near the board’s tail.
    • Place your feet and toes pointed backward underneath the knee strap. Ensure the belt is secure but tight enough to release it quickly.

Launching into the water:

    • Paddle out with your hands while in a shallow area until you’re in waist-deep water.
    • Flip the kneeboard over so that it is facing upwards and positioned correctly.
    • Position yourself on the kneeboard, placing your knees in the padded area and securing them under the strap.

Catching a wave:

    • When a suitable wave approaches, turn your board around to face the shore.
    • Use your hands to paddle and gain momentum as the wave approaches.
    • As the wave reaches you, lean forward slightly, push off with your hands, and raise your chest off the board to help you catch the wave.

Riding the wave:

    • Once you’re up and riding the wave, maintain your balance and control by shifting your weight as needed.
    • Keep your eyes focused ahead and your body centered over the board.
    • Depending on your skill level, you can perform various maneuvers like carving turns, trimming, and even small jumps.

Falling and safety:

    • Falling is a standard part of kneeboarding. If you lose your balance, try to fall away from the board to avoid injuries.
    • Always be aware of your surroundings and other water users to ensure everyone’s safety.

Remember, kneeboarding can be physically demanding, so warm up before each session and take breaks when needed. As you gain experience, you can gradually progress to more challenging waves and tricks. Enjoy the thrill of kneeboarding while staying safe on the water!


Kneeboarding opens up a world of excitement and adventure on the water. With the right equipment, knowledge, and practice, you can enjoy the thrill of confidently riding waves, executing turns, and even launching into the air. Following the techniques outlined in this guide and prioritizing safety at all times, you can embark on a kneeboarding journey that will challenge and exhilarate you.

So, grab your kneeboard, hit the water, and let the waves carry you as you experience the joy and freedom of kneeboarding. Remember to enjoy the ride and create lasting memories while exploring kneeboarding’s endless possibilities.

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