To Improve Your Surfing Skills, You Need to Use the 10,000-Hour Rule for Further Effective Practice

If Time is Logged Properly, Success Will Come Together with the Expected Skills

Actually, I’m not a professional surfer, just an amateur, or even a beginner lacking of skills. Every time I go surfing, I feel a little bit disappointed about how much effort it takes me to learn something new or to improve my surfing skills.

I dream about riding the surfboard perfectly well, I’d say mechanically, without thinking about what I should do and what skills I need to improve. But it’s easier said than done. It’s difficult to reach such a goal taking into account the fact that I don’t spend much time catching waves to improve and I don’t have a great experience.

On the other hand, what should I do to improve my skills?

man rides a surfboard on a wavePerhaps many of us or even all of us have a certain goal to work on one maneuver while surfing. But would it be helpful when there’s not just one maneuver to improve, but several backside floaters every time we go surfing? The answer is obvious.

Repetition is the mother of learning. Hence, the time spent on improving your surfing skills brings you progress and desired results.

The 10,000-Hour Rule

instructor teaches on a surfboardThe term “10,000-Hour Rule” was introduced by Malcolm Gladwell in one of his books in 2008. As he explains, success in whatever we do relates to the amount of the time spent on practicing a certain skill. In this case, it is surfing skills to be improved. According to Gladwell, it corresponds to 10 thousand hours.

He writes about Bill Gates and The Beatles and, using their examples, he claims that one task should be done or one skill trained 20 hours per week during the following ten years. Then the goal would be reached.

aged man rides in the waveThat’s why, as I realize now, there is no way I am going to become a professional and to improve much or just enjoy a quick improvement if I spend only 8 hours a week surfing. Taj Burrow, who is a professional in surfing, agrees that the difference between him and me is in the time spent on catching waves.

However, in my opinion, you shouldn’t be stuck at the same level of surfing. Train a lot to improve. Set a target goal that fits you, follow it, enjoy the time spent while surfing and improve your skills. Go ahead and make the right choice.

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