December 8, 2022

How to teach kids to surf

Teaching a person of any age to surf is an inevitably tricky task
Add to this the immaturity and vulnerability of a child, and you have all the prerequisites of severe problems with the self-confidence and temperament of adolescence.

So read on for the basics of surfing education.

As the father of growing surfers with big plans, Tom Curren is well versed in the nuances of introducing offspring to the ocean.

The legendary surfer from Santa Barbara shared his thoughts on how to help your kids get to the lineup without regretting their time.

“Learning to surf has never been easy. Both teachers and students are often ready to give up, but this should not develop into a problem.

You have to be very, very patient. On the other hand, you cannot force anyone

Once the child understands the basics, riding in a comfortable environment with his friends is worth riding. It is the environment where the child can fully express himself, get the full impact, and develop a serious interest.

The best thing you can do is introduce your child to surfing in warm water. I think this is very important.

Children are prone to whims when uncomfortable, so choose a place with warm water for the first lessons.

Hawaii is the perfect place to take your early addresses.

Try to find a similar spot when your child makes their first attempts at boarding.

I try not to burden my children with advice until they ask

And for the most part, they don’t ask about the technical side of the gurney; they are more interested in how to choose boards. It, in general, is all.

I’m not one of those parents who criticize the execution of cutbacks or anything else. Everyone has their style and method.

It is precisely what makes surfing such a great sport.So I try not to overdo it to coach the kids. So far, this approach is entirely justified
Surfing and nurturing are essentially long-term pursuits, so you shouldn’t over-complicate them. In general, I think this rule applies to most things: the simpler, the better.

My father followed this rule when he taught me the same direction I adhere to about my children.

And when everything grows together, all that remains is to enjoy the extraordinary feeling of a wheelchair in the circle of people close to me.

Few things are as satisfying as being able to share what you love. All the more so when your relatives get the same pleasure from your favorite activity as you do. “