Frontside roundhouse

I love Frontside Roundhouse. It is a great trick and can come in handy in almost any setting

You can easily pick up speed and continue along with the wave with it.

First, you have to find a suitable frontside wave. Ideal for the trick is the section in front of the collapse but has not yet collapsed and has a lower edge.

Please start at the bottom turn far enough away from the foam that you can get on the wave before it passes by and you lose speed.

Next, the bottom turns at an angle of 40-50 degrees to the base of the wave, using the heel edge of the board.

When you reach the middle of the wave, proceed directly to the roundhouse itself: shift the center of gravity to the rear edge of the board and move within the turning radius so that the turn is not too sharp.
Try to aim better: changing the direction of movement halfway is not very convenient

To smoothly enter the turn, use the entire edge of the board and the pressure of both feet. Move away from the foam and slide in an arc.

For stability and better style, lower your dominant hand into the water. Lean to the side of the turn, and you can feel the edging do its job.

Keep your eyes on the section of the wave you have chosen. Use your hindfoot as a steer, and keep your attention on the part of the ridge where it turns into foam.

Bend your knees and continue moving now, as in the case of the backside bottom turn

Try to rest against the wave and make a U-turn as much as possible, as vertically as possible, as with a backside snap.

After that, you should turn your leading shoulder, while it will direct the board’s nose towards the bank.

Next, focus on the front leg, duck, and steer the back. The speed gained is sufficient for the next trick.

This trick is not easy. First, it is essential to catch the moment correctly. But hard training will get you through the frontside roundhouse.

Learn from Taylor Knox, Kelly, and Parko

Basic moments:

  1. Choose the right moment and turning radius, turn your head and lower your hand into the water.
  2. Steer with your trailing foot.
  3. Try to “ricochet” off the wave with the vertical position of the surfboard.
  4. Roll your leading shoulder toward the bank.


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