Frontside off the lip – what is it and how is it used in surfing

The Frontside of the lip is a great trick as it can make the surfer feel weightless while performing it

In this case, accurate timing and the ability to maintain balance in each movement is essential since when the fins of the board come off the surface of the water – the back of the board is in the air – the surfer loses control over the board for a certain period. So be patient and get ready for new sensations.

To begin with, you have to find a wave of decent size; some weak beach break here will not be suitable for performing this trick.

Next, try to pick up speed before you start completing the stunt! In a nutshell, you need to accelerate, like in the bottom turn case, and use your body as a spring to pull the board’s tail off the lip surface.

Finally, bring your center of gravity down and submerge your dominant hand in the water to help maintain balance.

Remember to keep an eye on the area of ​​the water surface that will be used for the trick

Next, transfer your body weight to the front edge of the board and use it to move up to the crest of the wave. The optimal angle, in this case, would be about 75 degrees.

Balance is essential at this stage. If the body weight is too displaced when entering the ridge. It is highly likely to fall back down from the peak.

On the other hand, if you shift the center of gravity too far forward, there is a chance to move over the ridge and be behind the wave.

When you reach about halfway through the path, spin your body in the direction of the trick.

Then, when you get the lip, rotate your body even further, and in a U-turn, push the stern of the finned board into the air.

It is essential that when the crest is between the surfer’s legs, he straightens his hind leg and bends the leading one at the knee.

Then slide down with the stream. Try to keep your knees bent and place your back arm in the water

It will significantly improve the balance when you have to descend back to the bottom of the wave.

The dominant leg should be bent and in the same direction as the shoulder of the dominant arm.

Watch the surface of the wave, and if conditions permit, repeat the trick over and over.

The Taj Burrow uses this trick as a bargaining chip in his arsenal. So if you’re serious about surfing, take the time to learn frontside off the lip.

Basic moments:

  1. Before starting the bale, take care of the speed.
  2. Before turning the board, give it a spin with your body.
  3. Push the aft board into the air.
  4. When the comb is between your legs, straighten the back leg and bend the leading one at the knee.
  5. Watch the wave’s surface and proceed to the next trick.


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