Frontside Air

Frontside Air is the fundamental trick of the new surf school

It is considered one of the most effortless air maneuvers, but at the same time, it requires a lot of training.

Before you start training, you should be fluent in tricks such as cutbacks, floaters, and re-entry, and your skill level should be close to professional.

We figured out the restrictions; now, we will select the wave. We need a powerful wave a meter and a half high and a good slope.

You will need a lot of speed, so pumping should be done. Pick up the pace and stay between the middle and the top of the wave.

Look for a section of a wave whose crest is about to close

Once you have identified a suitable wave section, begin an upward turn towards the crest. Move with the front edge and try not to lose all the speed gained up to this point.

Next, bend your knees and proceed to the bottom turn. Your eyes should be directed towards the part of the ridge from which you plan to take off; the nose of the board should be directed there.

The stored speed will help you lift off the shelf and fly into the air. Now, you have to transfer the momentum from the wave’s lip into the air.

Make sure the plane of your face is parallel to the beginning of the lock at the moment of liftoff, and try not to fly too high, as this increases the likelihood of you falling.

When breaking away from the wave, giving the board a spin is essential

When you are in the air, face the nose of the surfboard towards the beach. You will have to straighten your trailing leg a little to do this.

To add more visual appeal to your gimmick, pull your knees up to your chest and complement it with various board grips (double grab, mute grab, frontside grab, etc.).

Don’t lean back too far; nothing good will come of it.

Look down and assess the area to splashdown. Release your grip and slide back onto the wave

Do all this with your knees slightly bent to absorb the energy of the splashdown. Try to keep the board flat on the water.

As you touch, continue to keep your knees turned and guide the board with your dominant foot.

Prepare for the splashdown to be a little bumpy, so keep your body’s center of gravity as low as possible. Then, you can congratulate yourself – you just did a tough trick.

There are many ways to do Frontside air, but it is best to fly with an ollie but using the wave as a springboard.

See how the Taj Burrow does this trick

Nobody does Frontside Air better than him.


  1. Try to pick up the highest possible speed, and maintain it before taking off from the wave.
  2. Press down on the board with your back foot and bring your knees to your chest.
  3. Don’t lean back too far.
  4. On landing, press down on the board and bend your knees.


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