December 8, 2022

Fred Pataccia: How To Make The Perfect Backside Cutback

Fred Pattachia is giving a master’s class
  1. For me, the backside cutback is one of the most complex tricks. At the very beginning, I try to focus on the correct position on my board. Before doing the trick, I keep the center of gravity above the board, but once I start doing the cutback, I try to shift my body weight a little more towards the tail. The trick is to do the same as with the front-side bottom turn.
  2. Holding onto the edge of the board with my hand, I prepare to straighten up. I will have the opportunity to increase my speed during the maneuver. As soon as I reach the bottom of the wave, I shift my body weight entirely towards the tail. At this moment, I begin to stand up and point the board’s nose up towards the face of the wave.
  3. The most challenging thing here is maintaining speed, but you should not forget about correct positioning and timing. Essentially, it would help if you continued after the cutback. So many guys fail at this point because they push too hard on the edge of the board or make similar mistakes. But a cutback done right looks fabulous and is worth the risk.