6 Tips for the Fast Surfboard Ride That Will Obviously Help You Become a Surfing Expert

You can hardly find a surfer who doesn’t want to ride faster. If he does not want a fast ride, he perhaps cheats at this point. The only thing you can do to ride at the increased speed is to get more riding practice on the water.

Remember, the more you surf the faster you are. And these six smart tips will make riding faster easier for you!

Tip#1. Get a Low Rocker Surfboard

A man rides a surfboardWhen it goes to the choice of a surfboard, special attention should be paid to the surfboard design and particularly to the rocker, the curve of the surfboard shape from nose to tail. It has a major impact on how fast the surfboard rides on the water.

The logic looks like this: a bigger rocker will be the benefit for those who like maneuvers during the ride, facilitating the performance of turns and changing directions of the ride in powerful waves.

A lower rocker or flat surfboards play into the hands of those who want to ride faster: they provide you with a smooth ride and speedy paddling.

Tip#2. Choose Right Board’s Coat For You

Men walk along the beach with surfboardsSurf lovers are commonly divided into two groups: those who prefer the gloss finish on the bottom, and those who stand for the sand finished surfboards. The last category is considered contributing to the surfer’s fast ride.

At first, it may seem that the gloss finish of the surfboard has the obvious advantage: the water no longer stays on its surface while surfing the wave.

However, the sand finish on the bottom can eliminate the power of rubbing between the water and the surfboard due to its capability to capture the water drops which wrap the bottom surface of the surfboard and a thin layer of water appears there.

Rides the waves on a surfboardAs a result, when water touches the water, the surfboard moves more smoothly and much faster. The founder and CEO of On It Pro High-Performance Water Sports Products Erik Nordskog supposes that the fast ride of surfboards with different finishes depends on riding conditions.

According to his words, the manufacturers have discovered that boards on a hydroplane with sand finish ride fast when the movement of the hull occurs due to its contact with the water. The heavy hull is going through it and that interaction makes the hydroplane go slower. Whereas, a gloss finish demonstrates a faster ride.

Tip#3. Four Fins For Speed

Riding a wave on a surfboard

There are some reasons to try riding a quad or a four-fin surfboard. And the main of them is the speed you can get when riding faster.

n comparison, a so-called thruster with three fins of equal size can provide you with quite a smooth and sustainable ride but, because of the fin located at the center of the tail, the speed is limited.

Whereas the quad has the four fins placed on the sides and there is no fin at the back, so it doesn’t produce much drag in the water and, as a result, a surfer can ride much faster.

Tip#4. A Surfboard Bottom Should Be Tidy

surfer ridesA tidy and neat board bottom is the key to a long-lasted life of your surfboard. The regular cleaning it up of sand, salt, dust, seaweed and other possible kinds of dirt is required by the very surfboard design to keep the hydrodynamics.

Clean it up with the help of the credit card you don’t use or something like this, blow the tiny parts of dirt from it with the hairdryer or even scrub it by the hot sand on the beach. You can also use some special surfboard treatment. All those cleaning methods will provide you with a fast ride.

Tip#5. Don’t Forget About Special Treatment for Fast Riding

surfer ridesThe problem of friction that puts obstacles to the fast ride may be solved by special products created for this purpose. For instance, Extreme Cream manufactured by the firm On It Pro, according to Erik Nordskog, helps to deal with dirty substances on the surfboard bottom with sand finish.

As he mentions, the essence of surfboards with sand finished bottoms is in the way the water goes over the water, something with a slippery effect. The cream can add more to the slippery feature of the bottom without using sand to help ride faster.

Woman stands on the beach with a surfboardThe huge plus is that, when applying it, a surfer doesn’t have a problem with dirty bottom anymore because the salt and other substances just don’t attach to it. Furthermore, he adds, the cream will not rub off the surfboard due to its high-quality composition.

It consists of a polymer that strongly clings to the surfboard bottom surface and stays there for a long time. By this example, he explains the advantage of applying special means on the surfboard, saying that it is possible to ride faster paddling and surfing the waves both for beginners and surfing experts.

Tip#6. Mind Your Fins to Ride Faster

Surfer Rides the WavesThe history of research in the fins counts for more than 50 years. Their invention and follow-up progress have had a great impact on how fast we ride today. Undoubtedly, surf lovers should take advantage of it for their fast ride, though the technology hasn’t been changed for a long time.

The sense of fins is in the sweep and its size, in particular. Small sweep fins can’t promise the sustainable ride to the surfboard owner the same way they do it with turns. Large sweep fins provide stability and fast riding to a surfboard. Whereas, the rigid fin with quite a fast ride adds the problems with turning control.

To Sum Up

Surfer RidesThese are the six tips for you to ride faster. Obviously, you can spot the difference with the new approach to your surfboard using and keeping. The fast ride will influence your ability to surf waves and someday you will discover that you have risen from the beginner to the expert of surfing swells.

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