The art of balance at the tip of a longboard

Riding on the board, at its very tip, is one of the oldest directions in surfing. This art of driving, and most importantly, maintaining balance during this trick originated in the 1950s. This unconventional style of travel still finds its fans. Surfers who love logboards claim that this is the most perfect maneuver that can be done on a long board.

Among the founders of this trend in surfing, there are even such famous personalities as Corky Carroll, David Nuhiva, Matt Kivlin, Michael Doyle and Lance Carson. Over the years, this style of riding has acquired a lot of all sorts of spectacular and difficult tricks. But until now, the most important criterion is the time that the athlete continues to ride, balancing on the very tip of his board.

Championship surfer judges record the time the surfer spends on the tip of the board performing this trick. Not everyone can overcome such a short time as 10 seconds by riding on the nose of their board. In 1965, Tom Morem held a competition dedicated exclusively to this trick, Mickey Munoz won those competitions, who managed to ride on the tip of the board for a full 67 seconds.

For a clear execution of this trick, a board of a certain shape and thickness is required, as well as special fins that keep the board on the wave as much as possible. Equally important is the preparation of the athlete for such tricks, you need to devote all efforts to a sense of balance. To achieve results, the surfer needs to train a lot on his balance and do not forget about training the legs, the muscles must be in the necessary tone to perform this trick for a long time.

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