January 31, 2023

Try New Surfboard Fin Designs in Search for Stunning Surfing Experience and Performance Quality

More Types of Surfboard Fins

surfboard fins

We have come to the conclusion that every person has a different style of surfing and understanding of what he or she can do on waves on their surfboard.

Some people want to attack waves and are always able to do that. Another type of people may have a more floating design of surfing.

No matter what kind you are, it is always good to try different surfboards and designs that you have not seen yet. You’d better take initiative and test various types of design so that you understand what fits you best.

Below, you will find a list of other possible fin designs that you can take into account for your surfboard.

Angular 757 Fin Surfboard

Angular 757: As you can read in George Orbelian’s work called Essential Surfing, the 90-degree angled design will keep your surfboard afloat unlike a curved flipper.

The water will clear away freely.

Thanks to the design of the 90-degree fin, the surfboard will turn and rotate much easier compared to a curved fin.

If you take this opinion with a pinch of salt, the world champion Kelly Slater chose this very type of flippers for the Trestles WCT event.


Boomerang/ Omega/Football: According to Orbelian, windsurfers were the first to use this design.

Thanks to the fact that it is narrower, it takes less effort to incline the surfboard from rail to rail.

As the nose section is enlarged, the fin deepens more into the water with the surfboard inclined on the corner.

You will feel steadier on “decisive” areas of the wave owing to this design of fin.

star fin

Star Fin: Cheyn Horan brought an idea of this type of surfboard fin and Ben Lexcen made up its design.

Orbelian says the design features a rotating turning quality which is rather sharp because of the upright rake.

Here, the wings make drive and protrusion better but you will probably find your surfboard tracing.

Surfboard Turbo Fin

Turbo Fin: This type of flipper has a curved shape from the bottom part up to its nose.

It becomes wider in the direction of the rail and narrower in the direction of the middle part of the surfboard.

In Orbelian’s book, it says this kind of fin design gives you a lot of drive and protrusion from turns. This design is considered to generate a slight venturi action.

The water that is touching the fins gets sped-up. We shall also mention that the benefit of this effect is unclear and is being argued now.

If you want to get better results from your surfboard, you should consider changing its fin system.

Just try out! It is not obligatory to follow standard rules.

Try to find out what suits you. You will be amazed.