Choose the Correct Position of Your Surfboard Central Fin to Improve Your Riding Performance

Finding Perfect Place for Central Fin

surfboard central fin

The role of fins on a surfboard is essential and we know that.

But what about some more detailed information about where to place them and a central fin, in particular?

The whole idea is in the style of your riding or your planned style meaning how you wish you surfed.

Thus, here you can find some tips for central paddle placement to make improvements.

single fin

To find the perfect location for the fin on the surfboard, you probably have to try several variants.

You can begin with measuring about 8 and a half inches (20.3 cm) from the end of your surfboard (tail) and settling the central paddle there.

Then, you have to ride the surfboard and notice your feelings. Slippery riding while the turning means that you’re still in search of your perfect placement.

Your next step is locating the fin a bit closer to the tail. And try again.

In this way, you can move your central paddle with a one-fourth of an inch every time until you find the location where the surfboard performance will satisfy your riding needs.

And the opposite, when the surfboard does not have a slippery riding but it is a bit clumsy and complicated, you have to try moving the central fin to the nose, again one-fourth of an inch every time.



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