December 8, 2022

All about Self-inflating surf suit

After the incident that happened to the legendary surfer, conqueror of big waves, Shane Dorian (Shane Dorian) in 2010, during which Shane almost drowned, he wondered how to deal with the fear that arose after this incident, how now he could ride a wave more than 15 meters.

But now Shane is back out in the ocean in search of a big wave without fear of drowning. Together with the surf companies “Billabong Wetsuits” and “Mustang Survival” Dorian created a wetsuit that has a special traction cable, pulling which inflates the air chamber, it pulls the surfer from the depth to the surface.

This innovative invention was called “Billabong V1”, the letter “V” stands for vertical ascent, and the number one indicates that when ascending, the surfer will reach one foot above sea level.

Shane Dorian (Kailua-Kona, Hawaii) became widely known for his passion for conquering the biggest waves on the planet. In almost two years, he alone was able to ride the fifteen largest waves in the world. And the incident, which almost ended in tragedy, occurred during Dorian’s trip to California at the Mavericks surf spot in February 2010, where the well-known cold and huge wave grows. “I took the wrong wave, because of this, that nightmarish fall happened,” says Dorian. – Fell very terribly. For a long time I was under water and could not emerge, during this time two waves passed over me, preventing me from emerging. After that, I thought about creating a device for rapid ascent.

Dorian wrote an email to Billabong’s American Wetsuit Division, and was answered by Hub Hubbard, who discussed the idea of ​​the suit, and together they brought the project to life.

During the production process, the design of the costume changed several times. At the very beginning, the air chamber had to be in the chest part, so that when emerging, the surfer could immediately raise his face for inspiration. But this idea was rejected by Shane, the surfer should be able to lie down on the board again and row. Therefore, it was decided to place the air chamber on the back.

Dorian tested many prototypes in simple waves and calm water until the suit was perfected and could be used in real, dangerous conditions.

“The first time I tried it was in the winter, at a place called Cortes Bank, California. Catching one really very big wave and accidentally falling off it, I pulled the ring and felt my position in the water change, I relaxed and just let the suit lift me to the surface.

“The most important thing is that we were able to create a suit to help save someone’s life. I had four close friends who, riding big waves, died. And they all drowned due to lack of oxygen. And now that the suit is ready, I am glad that I can give them to all my friends – the best surfers on earth, riding big waves, but each of them wants to return home after extreme surfing, which is why they all happily accepted my gift Shane says.