There Are Some Manufacturers That Produce the Organic Surfboard Wax Which Is Convenient in Use and Eco-Friendly

Eco-Friendly Surfboard Wax

Organic surfboard wax

One of the problems with surfing is the fact that surfboards add toxic substances to the ocean.

The list of toxic materials includes those from which the surfboards and also clothing are made. This list also includes sunscreens and even surfboard wax.

Today, surf polish consists almost entirely of petroleum products that are not organic but have been chemically processed. Most of the assortment is made of just such a type of wax. says the most common putty in the world is paraffin wax. Recall that in the chemical processing chain it is this substance that is the final product and this chain begins with organic oil.

Though, over time, the polish from the surfboard erases and enters the external environment.

Thus, we negatively affect not only the oceans and organic nature but also the entire environment around us – the biosphere.

eco surf wax

So when there were rumors about the wax for surfboards which consists of natural or organic substances we came to some questions.

We were wondering if such a putty does not harm the organic environment. And does this organic wax perform on the surfboard in the same way as its paraffin relative?

We found out the answers in the conversation with surfboard polish manufacturers of Matunas, Sticky Bumps, and Bubble Gum Surfboard Wax.

Recently, surfers have a chance to use wax that is based on organic ingredients that are not toxic to our world.

The list of such manufacturers includes the companies whose representatives we spoke to. Matunas once released the whole organic line of waxes.

Bubble Gum was created by Rob Robado and its products look like environmentally friendly organic sticks. The Sticky Bumps guys launched the organic Soy line.

The products of these companies were created from the wax based on soy or beeswax substances.

Also, these manufacturers use organic products and materials that do not contain petroleum substances. Ultimately, these things involve active organic processing.

Matunas Organic Surf Wax

If we consider Matunas, they use only local organic materials. In fact, they process the waste from Santa Cruz farms where their development center is located.

They are not fans of chemical fragrances and use only organic products to create the smells of berries, fruits, or flowers.

Matt, an employee at this company, says they don’t use paraffin to make surfboard wax. They themselves grow the organic products they need on the farm.

He says that they cannot force people to switch to their products but they can make them organic with the same capabilities and at the same price as paraffin wax.

It’s nice to know that all manufacturers do their job just to save our planet a little from pollution. But the question of whether such surfboard polish is really effective did not leave our thoughts.

Does organic ecologically created wax work the same way as paraffin substance?  After all, what is the point of starting to use the organic but not effective wax with which you slide off the surfboard and then return to using the paraffin putty again?

It is unlikely that, in this case, we will help the environment.

Each company sent us their own examples of organic wax so that we could test in practice how they work on surfboards.

This study appeared to be interesting. We saw that each type of wax had its own advantages although the level of dispersion was not large.

Some organic specimens turned out to be more sticky than others and some held much longer than others on the surfboard.

And although we found differences in the specimens given to us, everyone coped with their main task. These waxes took to the surfboard surface really well and withstood the entire duration of the session.

So, we did not reveal significant flaws as well as a significant difference in use on surfboards.

surfboard wax

Based on this study, we understand that everyone will have their favorite type of surfboard wax.

But at SurfScience, we are incredibly pleased that manufacturers are finding opportunities to create organic surfboard products. So our passion becomes less toxic to the environment.

We are pleased that organic surfboard materials are finally the result of a long search and have come to our industry.

We asked a Sticky Bumps representative what kind of future he sees in the development of the organic surfboard putty.

Our interlocutor was really excited about the issue of progress in this area and said that even now, new types of waxes appear, not to mention the future.

He says that in the future, we will expect waxes from completely new and unexpected materials.

The last couple of years has hindered the developments since no new substances have been discovered but the interlocutor is confident that such a surfboard material will be found soon.

Sticky Bumps surf wax

Taking into account the results of our research, we recommend that you accept our challenge and act.

You need to pack up and get yourself organic wax. You can find it in any surf shop available to you.

Such polish sticks will not cost you more than $5, but spending so little, you can do a lot for the ocean.

Go to the beach with your surfboard covered with the new wax chosen according to your preferences. If everything suits you in the chosen wax, support the environment and do not return to paraffin analogs.

And even if you slip a little from your surfboard and sacrifice your productivity on the water, is it really a big price to save such a wonderful planet?

Let us know what surfboard waxes you tried and what you think about them in the comments below. Maybe, you have a new environmentally friendly favorite?



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