There is less and less time until the New Year, and the gifts have not been bought yet? The prosurfriding team and the new supply of goods in our store are here to help! Here we have collected ideas and must-haves of any rider, so you don’t have to rack your brains on how to please your loved ones and what to throw under the Christmas tree. And you can’t forget about yourself either, because we were all good girls and boys this year;)

For some, the process of choosing gifts is more fun than receiving them. For someone, on the contrary, even the thought of the upcoming holidays and the agony of choice makes the eye begin to twitch nervously. But we know that both those and those would very much like to please a friend and get into the top ten with a gift.

So, cards on the table, drum roll and lot number one:


Of course, this gift is not cheap at all. But he is definitely in the top of the gifts for any self-respecting surfer for the New Year, Birthday or World Day of Remembrance of the Lost Sock. It remains only to spy to find out what kind of board your favorite surfer wants. Or ask directly and go choose together. So the chance to buy the wrong surfboard is minimized.

And for those who like to roll on a wake or an artificial wave, we also have boards! You can check here.

And on that positive note, we move on to idea number two:


What a board without a leash! For those who do not know what it is, – leash (English leash) – literally “leash”. This is a cord that is attached to the board at one end and to the rider’s leg at the other, and allows you not to lose the board while riding.

In our store you can buy the most durable leash in the world from Ocean&Earth. The main rule when choosing is that the leash should be at least as long as the board.

Another idea for those who often ride in cold water:


As you know, the less you freeze – the longer you ride! A wetsuit is another indispensable thing in a surfer’s wardrobe, who conquers the waves not only on the warm coast of Sri Lanka, the Maldives or, for example, Costa Rica. Hydrics vary in thickness. The thicker the wetsuit, the colder water you can ride and not freeze.

Another important thing:


Fins play an important role in how the board behaves on the wave. Moreover, they allow you to adjust the characteristics (speed, maneuverability, control, drive and others) of the same board in order to feel as comfortable as possible in different conditions. It would seem that a small detail – fins – but the feeling that you have a different board! So this is also in the top of gifts for a surfer.

A thing that is simply indispensable for those who constantly travel:


What could be worse for a surfer than finding damage on the board while on a trip? Every surfer prays to his surfer god and opens his bag after a flight with bated breath, fearful of the consequences of the negligent treatment of airline loaders. The board is the best friend and the most expensive, so this gift takes pride of place on our list.

And the last idea in this section, but no less cool:


Such a thing as a surf skate will suit those who like to try new things, as well as those who do not want to lose their skating skills while they are away from the ocean.

The surf skate differs from the usual well-known skate with a front suspension. Thanks to her, the surf skate becomes more maneuverable and allows you to move, simulating the ride on the wave.


Of course, all the above gifts are quite difficult to pick up without the participation of a surfer. Therefore, as an alternative, a certificate in your favorite store. Usually they are not limited in amount and you can focus on the prices in the category of the selected gift.

Next, we will tell you how to please your surfer friend and not be left with an empty wallet.


This is something that is definitely never redundant! Find out from a friend which country he is going to on his next trip and match the wax to the temperature of the water. And make sure your friend’s board doesn’t have mats for both feet 🙂


A great gift for those who are independent enough to fix small dings on the board and don’t want to miss out on a cool swell while local fellow craftsmen fix their board. Well, or for someone who goes to such a distance, where there are no repair shops at all.

Be careful about the material of the board, there are two types of repair resin.


Not a gift, but a real manifestation of care for your surfer. And to nature, if you do not forget to look at the composition and special notes that the products do not harm marine life and reefs.


Oh, this gift will definitely please both girls and boys. Super comfortable and soft poncho towel, just a godsend for surfers. They can dry off, change clothes in it, and walk along the beach if it’s cool. In general, we definitely recommend!


This is a real lifesaver for people who suffer from frequent earaches due to long periods in the water and wipeouts. Many do not even think that there is such an invention as surfing earplugs that do not interfere with hearing and at the same time perfectly protect against water. Be the one to open up your friend to the world of surfing without the fear of having an ear infection again!


Just necessary for those who travel to the spot by car. They securely fasten without damaging the precious boards and the nerves of their owners. Strong enough to move your neighbor’s couch, not to mention keep your surfboards on the roof as you move.


A great solution for those who are worried enough about their board to simply put it against the wall. We all make mistakes sometimes. Not to mention the ubiquitous cats who strive to drop everything. If your friend owns both the board and the cat, a wall mount would be a great gift. Fluffy won’t appreciate it, but the board and mat on it will be safe. In addition, it is also a stylish interior solution.


Sealed backpack in which you can carry a wet wetsuit. Or in which you can put your things without fear of getting them wet, for example, if you go to a spot on a boat. They also have very cool designs. So not only practical, but also stylish!


Nobody wants to miss a swell because they overheated in the sun, right? Plus, bucket hats and caps minimize the glare of the sun, so you’ll have a great chance of seeing the wave first while everyone else squints to see what’s in the sun’s madness.


An ingenious invention for those who surf in countries with cool water. Change clothes so that the whole wetsuit is not in the sand? Easily! And after changing, the wetsuit can be rolled up in the same mat and left to dry the car.


Great toy for big and little surfers! Helps to keep the body in good shape and tighten the balance, which is very helpful in surfing.

There are so many models, shapes, colors and sizes, choose to your taste!


Even far from the ocean, you can not only remain a surfer, but also improve your skills! Yes, of course, this is not the same thing as ocean surfing, but you can get fun on one, and on the other, and on the third. Of course, you won’t be able to ride a wake in winter, but there are perpetual certificates or subscriptions that can be used in the spring.

By writing to us, you can purchase a lesson or a subscription to a skate workout.


There are so many ways to please a surfer friend, and here are just a few. You can donate some surf clothes, board shorts, slippers, beach towels, or at least a bottle of water. Everything is limited only by your imagination and budget 🙂

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