The main characteristics of innovative C-type fin for boards and how does it work

Drive is the main feature of surfing arranging by fins. This means ability to generate speed and slide down the waves.

Drive turns into speed and capability.


A group of people who created C-drive fins aimed to give us maximum possibility to increase drive from fins.

Below is a description of what they have created:

Main specification of C-type

Quilhas Fish Surf Retro, Biquilha - C- Drive

The main issue is that the length is increased. The base length is the part by which rig connects to bottom.

For this specific type base length is lager than base depth. This is really something unusual.

The much length means much forward drive which comes at the cost of maneuverability and stability. In order to eliminate this property inventors applied another modification.

surfboard kings

The second notable distinction is a cut section. This modification allows to keep increased length with minimize surface area.

The bigger the surface area, the more stability of board but less maneuverability on turns.

Inventors told that its shape has been designing over then 8 years.

This C-type has been assaying during Australian beach breaks. It has been mutated and changed several times resulting C-view which gives surfers more drive power.


C-type objects have been created for advanced surfers enable them to get more power from their fins so they can create more speed.

The difference is tangible. Using different types the increased its length gives noticeable better performance.

C-type things are for professional surfers but not for amateurs.


 maurice cole surfboards with c- type fins tow — maurice cole surfboards

All presently available C-type things are made from 32 layers of fiberglass which is cut, foiled and hand finished to product the fin.

When you take this into your hands you will feel it’s quality immediately. C-type fins looks strong, solid and respondent.

Inventors are thinking about eco-friendly and light weighting bamboo made C-type fins but made of fiberglass is the most convenient and currently used. This material has been using for fins for the last 50 years already.

The rigs are vary from 106 mm to 152 mm base length.

C-types are fixing to bottom by FCS plugs only.



C-type fin has been designed to allow surfers to gain maximum power and speed.

The increased base length gives power increase while cut away section allows easy maneuvering.

These products provide with unique possibilities which it is worth to try if you are intermediate or professional surfer.



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